Duck Crossing celebrates Harry Potter’s birthday

Published 7:48 am Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Wizarding World came to Elizabethton Wednesday, as young witches and wizards gathered at Duck Crossing to celebrate their hero’s birthday while revealing the magical nature of a downtown staple.

Sarah Counts said the celebration is one she had hoped to put on for a while.

“I thought this would be the perfect building for it,” she said.

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The antique store on Elk Avenue in downtown Elizabethton added wanted posters for Harry Potter, and she and owner Misty Counts dressed up as Harry Potter characters, Sarah as Luna Lovegood and Misty as Professor Umbridge.

Sarah Counts said she wanted to put on an event like this out of her love for the franchise.

“I grew up with the books,” she said. “[Luna] does not pretend to be anybody she is not.”

Decorations and costumes were not the only parts of the celebration, however. Harry Potter music blasted throughout the store, and customers and their families got to participate in a scavenger hunt through the store, looking for magical items for the chance of a prize.

Children came in packs throughout the day, some coming in full robes and magical wands as if they had come right from Hogwarts.

“I love getting to talk to the customers,” she said. “It is unreal. I never thought I would get to do this.”

Members of the Elizabethton/Carter County Library also took part in the celebration, assisting customers as they entered the store and giving out birthday cupcakes.

In fact, Duck Crossing was not the only downtown store to participate.

“The Simple Blessings general store was giving away free lollipops, and Jiggy Ray‘s is doing an event this evening,” Misty Counts said Wednesday.

Sarah Counts said the cooperation from the other stores was a big help.

“Our downtown is a family,” she said.

She said the celebration was as much a joy for her as it was for the children searching the store yelling out names of spells and waving around their wands.

“I always wanted to do this,” she said. “[Harry] starts out as an outsider. It was nice to see him get stronger.”