That Burns My Biscuits!

Published 9:08 am Tuesday, August 13, 2019

By E.J. Smith

Thank you to the reader who sent today’s subject: Why do people let their dogs bark all night and keep the neighborhood awake? Well, dear reader, you know there are no bad dogs, right? Only bad owners…

I have heard people scream at their dogs to “shut up!” Does it work? Maybe for a minute; the dog hears and thinks he is about to get the attention he is craving. If he doesn’t get it, then he will bark until he does and that is why dogs bark all night. You may tie him up to keep him safe, but you’re going to have to find another solution to ensure his safety: Fence in the yard, buy a large dog pen to keep him in when you are not there, give him away to a good home, watch “The Dog Whisperer” or another informative show to help you come up with solutions. Also, You Tube has all the videos anyone needs to learn anything, so you should be able to find training tips there.

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Most of the dogs I have heard bark during the night are tied up to something in their yard. How would you like to be tied up all the time when there are rabbits to run and things to sniff? I guess you would scream too. I have harped on this before, but if you have to tie a dog out in the yard all the time, then do not get one. When getting any kind of a pet, we must first decide if we have the time, money and patience it takes to take care of it and the love to fuel all of the before-mentioned requirements for being a dog’s best friend. After all, he considers himself your best friend and expects the love he gives to be returned. The least to do is observe and listen to you pet and determine what it needs and do your best to supply those needs.

Remember, your dog will not bark all night unless it is stressed. Your chain or rope might be too short to ensure he is out of the heat or cold. Dogs can have heat stroke or can freeze to death. This one could turn into a tragedy; if the rope is too long, he could be tangled up somehow and unable to get loose from it. You may have forgotten to give him food or water. A free-roaming dog or other animal could be attacking him. So you see, there are many bad things that can happen when you inhibit your dog’s movements and forget about him.

Before I moved here, I was out walking one morning and passed a neighbors place where his hunting dogs were tied next to the road. (Safe? I think not…). They started barking and howling when they spotted me coming up the road. Well, the guy came out and hollered at them and when that didn’t work, he began to beat them. Of course, I had to say something without making him too angry. I just said, please do not do that, they are doing what dogs do, protecting you. He stopped and went back into his house, but I know he was not happy because beating a dog was normal to him, I had seen him do it before and he had not learned anything, apparently. I never walked past his place again. I did not want his dogs to suffer just because I was walking past them. I wonder why some people get animals to care for when they do not have the sense to do right by them or just are too ignorant and don’t care. Being ignorant is not a bad thing, but staying that way is.

There are lots of reasons your dog barks all night, but you have to look for reasons why and attempt to remedy the problem with love and kindness. Trust me, you and your dog will be happier and your neighbors will start to like you again.

That’s it for now. All comments and ideas are considered for this column, so if you have something that burns your biscuits, please let me know and I will do my best to share them with other readers.

You are in my prayers,