Pastor and wife enjoy weekly ministry date

Published 8:23 am Friday, August 23, 2019

By Greg Miller
Pastor Victor closed the morning service with a prayer of blessing over the congregation.
“Heavenly Father, I ask you to keep your people safe this afternoon. I ask that your angels protect them from any harm in their path. And please allow the power of the Holy Spirit to fill their minds and hearts with your joy and peace as they encounter any opportunities they are given to lift up the name of Jesus, your son. Thank you, Father, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”
Pastor Victor always prayed the same closing prayer as he walked from the pulpit to the door through which attendees would be leaving the building. Arriving at the exit, he and his wife, Violet, clasped hands to show their unity in ministry.
Von, Pastor Victor’s father, thanked the Lord every day that his son was the church’s pastor. “Thank you, Lord, for calling my son into the ministry,” he whispered silently.
To Pastor Victor, Von said, “You preached a fine message today, son. Several teenagers accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and were baptized.”
Always a humble servant of the Lord, Pastor Victor replied, “The Lord actually preached the sermon today, dad. I was merely the human vessel He used to deliver the message.”
Humility was one of the qualities Violet admired the most in her husband. “You’re right, dear,” said Violet. “And the Lord always selects the right person for every job He needs to have completed.”
Each week, Pastor Victor and Violet went out on what they called a “ministry date.” They ate at their favorite restaurant and shared ideas for ministry about which they had been thinking.
While on one of their ministry dates, Violet shared a recent idea with Pastor Victor. “My idea this week is for all the young people in our church to meet weekly for ministry idea updates. These sessions would be similar to our weekly ministry dates, and the young people can share their ideas and develop ministry plans based on those ideas.”
“Wow, sweetheart!” Pastor Victor exclaimed. “That is a wonderful suggestion! I’m glad the Lord allowed me to be your husband. You’re so great!”
“What ideas have you generated this week, honey?” Violet asked.
“I think I’ll just wait until our next ministry date to share that idea,” Pastor Victor answered. “Your idea this week is so spectacular that we need to spend some time working on that suggestion before even considering mine!”
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