Recovery Soldiers seeks to comfort community

Published 9:37 am Monday, August 26, 2019

To bring comfort to our churches and community, we want to present our operational standards. This is written in reference to things you may have heard recently about the ministry. Recovery Soldiers Ministries is a Christ-Centered addiction only residential program. We are not a medically staffed facility and do not treat mental illness. The State of Tennessee has incorporated us as a non-profit religious corporation, and we are approved by Carter County Planning and Zoning to utilize the property of 1180 Bristol Hwy. as a ministry and official office of said ministry.
Sadly, most men in active addiction commit criminal offenses. For this reason, RSM has a close relationship with Tennessee Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole, the Public Defender’s Office, and the Regional court systems. We have recently been added to the TDOC Approved Transitional House List along with these encouraging words from the State’s Director of Housing and East Regional Housing Coordinator saying, “We are impressed with the amenities and structured transitional programs available. We are very excited to continue our partnership with your program.”
RSM is aware of limitations concerning laws for housing sex offenders. Though we are not currently housing any, if we chose to, we would admit only non-violent registered sexual offenders who are seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We would also act in accordance with the state law and would not house more than two registered offenders at one time at the property located at 1180 Bristol Hwy.
We operate out of our love for Jesus, and in II Corinthians, we learn of that love. The study of scripture guides what we do in this ministry. Jesus died for all sins, not just the sins that we’re comfortable in admitting. It is our faith and commandment by God to forgive, accept, and show love to whosoever calls upon His name, no matter what their past may consist of. Recovery Soldiers Ministries is placed here by God to help this community not hurt it. We are compassionate to help protect women and children that have been sexually violated. We are also compassionate to help protect those from murder, abuse, robbery, addiction, and sin in general. That’s why RSM teaches the plan of God, to follow Christ so that these behaviors can be eliminated from our society.
In regards to worship services, according to the United States first amendment, anyone has freedom concerning religion. By law, registered sex offenders also have the right to exercise their relationship with Jesus Christ and be part of His church. RSM has policies and procedures in place that no student in our program is allowed anywhere without leadership accountability, and this includes church properties. Our reputation proceeds itself in that RSM creates a safe and hope-filled environment everywhere we go.
To address the concerns about our trailers at 117 and 119 Piedmont Street, we do not, and have not ever housed a registered sexual offender at either location. In a recent meeting with Carter County Planning and Zoning, they have consented in the renting of our trailer properties to our recent graduates to aid them in adaptation into “real” society. Each tenant signs a minimum six-month lease and operates under strict leasing guidelines that include, but are not limited to property inspections, drug testing, and curfews.
The intentions of this letter are to comfort your hearts with confidence that our mission has been and always will be to share hope to the broken and suffering. We are honored to represent Jesus in this way and look forward to the continued effort in restoring our community. If you have any questions or concerns, we earnestly ask that you contact us personally.

In Christ,
RSM Staff
Executive Director, Marley Scalf, 423-525-2535
Program Director, Ben Cole, 423-525-1616
President & Founder, Joshua Scalf, 423-588-0677

“The Recovery Soldiers Ministry is one of the most effective programs to help right the wrongs in our society that has been established in our community in decades. Addiction is widespread in our society and so many programs only put band-aids on the problem. Recovery Soldiers Ministry goes to the heart of the problem and gives the spiritual help a recovering addict needs. Recovery Soldiers Ministry has been a blessing and a good neighbor to the Biltmore community. May God bless and prosper them in their efforts to change lives in our community.
-Bill Davis
Sr. Pastor
Biltmore Baptist Church, Elizabethton, TN

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“Recovery Soldiers Ministry is such a blessing to our community. Unfortunately, addiction is a pandemic in our world today, and this faith based recovery center is on the front lines battling endlessly to assist men in the recovery process! I believe whole-heartedly in work of this ministry, and I have seen the difference it makes in the men who graduate. I am grateful for men like Joshua Scalf and Ben Cole, who move with compassion and love and are making a difference in the lives of others by carrying out the great commission of Christ. May the Lord continue to bless this ministry.”
-Brandon Young
Sr. Pastor
Harmony Free Will Baptist Church

“I am thankful for the Ministry of RSM addressing the real problem of drug addiction. They are combating that problem with the only real solution: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
-Michael Klaus
Sr. Minister
First Christian Church, Elizabethton, TN