Community opportunities at EHS pool for aerobics classes

Published 8:37 am Friday, September 20, 2019

The Community Involvement Program was created by Elizabethton City Schools with the goal of providing affordable exercise opportunities for community members living in and around Elizabethton. Currently, water aerobics classes is offered every week on Tuesday and Thursday.

The class format will consist of a 30-minute water-walking segment that begins at 6 p.m., providing the opportunity to socialize and burn calories while unwinding from the day’s demands. The classes are scheduled from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and are more structured with a thermal warm-up, cardio workout, strength segment, stretch, and cool down activities. Participants may work at their own level of ability and fitness ranging from “easy” to “moderate” to “vigorous” movements and methods of resistance. Balance and coordination will be improved through the “functional fitness” activities.

Cindy Gober is the instructor of the EHS aerobics class with many years of experience. She is a graduate of Milligan College and post-graduate at ETSU. Cindy taught physical education & health, swimming, lifeguarding, water safety instruction, CPR First Aide, water aerobics and Zumba for many years. She was an educational consultant for Sportime International, traveling the country conducting workshops to train teachers using a variety of teaching methods. Cindy has written numerous innovative activity guides promoting fitness, group cohesiveness and critical thinking skills. She has many notable mention achievements such as the co-chair of the Governor’s Council on physical education and health, TN teacher of the year, and President of the Tennessee Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance.

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The initial program with the Elizabethton City School Program was grant funded in 1982. During that time Cindy taught land aerobics, but as time passed the focus was more drawn to water aerobics. Studies had shown the ability to address many physical aspects improved in the water. Cindy stated, “The beauty of the water is that you can get better range of motion than on land, less impact, better balance opportunities, and more flexibility. The hydrostatic pressure of the water, proper body alignment can be achieved, posture improved, and breathing techniques enhanced.” Cindy talked about how individuals can work at their own pace and level of fitness while not feeling intimidated or rushed.

Many class members appreciate the benefits of water exercise and at the same time think it can be a fun way to exercise. Several individuals that have attended Cindy’s class stated their energy level has increased. The social atmosphere leads to positive exercise experience while enjoying the class in a comfortable atmosphere.

Pam Turpin stated, “I have regularly attended water aerobics at EHS since 2011. Cindy is a fabulous instructor. The program has helped me stay physically fit and maintain a healthy weight.” Another member said attending water aerobics has lowered her blood pressure and increased her coordination. Many members stated they come after heart, hip, and knee surgeries to help get back into shape.”

Cindy has dedicated many years to this program to make it a success.

Dates and times may vary due to conflicts with facility use. Please confirm with the calendar at Click on the Community Involvement Link for more information.