Cheerleading Spotlight

Published 12:01 am Thursday, September 26, 2019

MaKenna Lewis – Unaka High School


Ice Cream: Chocolate

Food: Chicken Salad or Rice Cake with Almond Butter and Banana

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Genre of Music: Hip-hop/Rock

Music Group: I don’t have a favorite group, but my favorite solo artist is Kid Cudi.

Song: Brown-eyed girl

School Subject: Science

Teacher: Theresa Burton

Place to Shop: Forever 21

Color: Yellow

Sport: Cheer

Cheer: FIGHT, Fight Rangers Fight

Flowers: Marigold

Tv Show: Black Mirror

Car: Dodge Charger (Hemi)

Name of Parents: Judith and Jeff Lewis

Siblings: Kyler Lewis

Church Attended: First United Methodist Church


When I graduate I want to: Attend ETSU and become a psychologist and go into therapy or researching and writing.

The thing I love most about cheerleading is: It allows me to represent my school in the form of a fun and athletic way.

Cheerleading has taught me: How to work as a team and compromise with team members.

My advice to girls who want to be cheerleaders: The memories you acquire and lessons you learn from cheer last forever, but you must be willing to put in lots of work and commitment.

I love my school because: Because of its size, all of the teachers can give more one-on-one care to students.

My most memorable moment as a cheerleader: My most memorable moment was following our girl’s basketball team to state and cheering with three fellow cheerleaders. We stood in a college stadium, at a state game, and cheered our absolute best, with only four of us.

The person who has motivated me the most is and why: My mother has always been there for me to push me when I need extra help. She is my biggest supporter.

If I could change one thing in the world it would be: I would change how willing and easy the human race is to judge and hate. If more love and understanding was shown, many more problems could be solved.