We’ve got the spirit yes we do… Homecoming has many faces away from the high school homecoming experience

Published 1:33 am Saturday, September 28, 2019

Friday night was a special night for students on the campus of Elizabethton High School as the school culminated its Homecoming 2019 week with a game against the Cherokee Chiefs and the crowning of a new Homecoming Queen and her court.
And while the week leading up to the game was full of fun and festivities including dress-up days each day and the voting by the seniors for the queen at the high school, the three Elizabethton City elementary schools made sure that their students could experience what its like to have homecoming as it will not be that many years before kids at each school will be moving on to high school.
The three schools each planned special days with there students to celebrate as the kids decked out in orange, black, and white in support of their Cyclones. Tents were set up for each class and there was food, flag football, and competitions that included punt, pass, and kick at Eastside Elementary for each class.
Eastside also saw the fifth graders take on the faculty in flag football in what turned out to be a competitive football game.
Something special for senior members of the cheerleading squad, football team, and band at Elizabethton High School was the ability to visit each school and bring the high school prep rally atmosphere to the students and schools where many of them once attending.
The cheerleaders made sure to involve the students in the cheers as they were allowed to hold up the letters to spell out C-Y-C-L-O-N-E-S as well as the colors of the Cyclones in orange, black, and white.
Members of the drum corp gave the students some beat to be able to dance and jump in celebration as every bit of what was happening was being soaked up by the younger students like a sponge in a tub of water.
But the best thing of it all was the smiles and fun that the students and teachers had in just stepping back from a normal day of school and letting their hair down so to speak and enjoying homecoming festivities just like the bigger kids do.
Kudos to the principals and teachers at Harold McCormick, Eastside, and Westside Elementary Schools for making it a special day for their students and showing the kids what they can look forward to as they progress through their school years.
All of the following photos were taken by Ivan Sanders.

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