Adam and Eve discover Eden’s colors

Published 8:27 am Friday, October 4, 2019

Thousands of years ago, Adam and Eve lived joyful lives in the Garden of Eden.
Adam and Eve enjoyed walking the vast length and breadth of the Garden, enraptured by the overwhelming beauty of the Sovereign Lord’s creation. Occasionally, the couple took in the Garden’s scenery from a slightly different vantage point, atop the backs of Zach and Zoey, the world’s first two zebras, or by riding Leonardo and Lisa, the world’s first two lions.
The zebras and lions were very fond of Adam and Eve, so when they weren’t being used for transportation purposes, the zebras and lions followed the couple closely as they discharged their caretaking responsibilities. The lions and zebras became close friends of Adam and Eve and were also very good friends with each other.
On one of their leisurely strolls through the world’s first Paradise, Adam and Eve noticed for the first time the grandeur and majesty of the smorgasbord of colors displayed throughout God’s creation. They even began assigning color designations to the fruits, vegetables and animals.
“The kernels on this ear of corn are the brightest yellow objects I’ve ever seen!” Adam exclaimed.
“These kernels of corn are the only yellow things you’ve ever seen!” Eve shot back with a faux frown.
Out of the corner of her eye, Eve spotted a newborn lamb nuzzling up to its mother. “Welcome to the world, son,” bleated Mamma Lamb, in a sweet motherly tone.
“Thanks, Mamma,” the baby lamb bleated back.
For the first time, Adam and Eve observed the dark and light textures of the grass being eaten by the sheep and the other animals. “Wow!” exclaimed Adam. “The vibrant greens that give us a soft carpet on which to walk also provide food for all of our animal friends.”
“And it’s not even work for the animals,” Eve observed. “All they have to do is simply bend over and bite it out of the ground.”
Adam reached down and softly pulled several blades of grass out of Eden’s rich soil. “Look at this, Eve,” said Adam. “Each blade of grass looks completely different, as if it has its own distinct fingerprint.”
“The thing that gets me,” said Eve, “is that God, our Father, knows what’s going on with all of His creation, every blade of grass, every seed, every fruit and vegetable and every animal. He even seems to know what’s going on with you and me, every aspect of our lives.”
Adam replied, “Don’t forget, Eve. We were created in His image, and He loves us so much He can’t take His eyes off of us!”
“Just like we can’t take our eyes off His beautiful creation!” Eve giggled.
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