Realizing the blessing of the Lord, married couple never complains

Published 8:28 am Friday, October 11, 2019

Joseph and his wife, Josephine, weren’t prone to complaining.
In fact, regardless of their circumstances, the couple always made a huge effort to find a silver lining. “Complaining never helps anything,” said Joseph.
“That’s absolutely right,” agreed Josephine. “The Sovereign Lord has blessed us abundantly, so any blessing He sends our way is much more than we deserve.”
Whether the weather conditions were perfect or much less than adequate, Joseph and Josephine always spoke of the Blessing of the Lord. One day, the early-October temperature reached 97 degrees. “Thank the Lord, Joseph. It could have been 107 degrees. Besides, tomorrow, the high temperature is only supposed to reach 82 degrees, with a slight cooling breeze, and a 50 percent chance of afternoon showers to cool things down.”
“Thank the Lord, indeed, because at least we have air conditioning” said Josephine. “And our rainfall has been significantly down for this time of year. And any rain we receive will be a blessing.”
Joseph was always careful to express his thanks after every meal Josephine prepared for the couple. After one dinner of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and homemade cherry pie, he told his wife, “You’re the best cook in the whole state.”
Josephine blushed as she remarked, “That’s very nice of you to say. I really enjoy cooking for you because I love you. And it is nice to know I’m appreciated.”
The couple walked outside to experience the breeze as they sat on their porch swing. Full Moon was beginning to emerge from his hiding place behind the distant tree tops, seeming to come ever closer to them.
In his nice baritone voice, Full Moon spoke: “Good evening, Joseph and Josephine,” he smiled, as his fullness seemed to capture the evening’s essence with a particularly radiant glow.
Joseph and Josephine returned Full Moon’s smile, as if they knew the Lord was sending them a special message. “Good evening, Full Moon,” Joseph and Josephine replied in unison. “How are you getting along?”
“I am doing well, my friends, very well, indeed,” Full Moon grinned. “Even on those days when I’m only at one quarter or one half of my full self, I still don’t feel as if I have anything to complain about. God has been so good to me, and I’m very thankful.”
“You’re very much like us,” Josephine reasoned. “It seems as if all three of us realize how blessed we are, and we’re not going to complain about any small troubles we may have.”
Joseph laughed, “Even if we had all the problems in the world, they would be no match for God! He’s bigger than all of them put together!”
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