Star reader against red flag gun confiscation laws

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, November 6, 2019

To the Editor:

Democrat candidates for president in 2020 at the Iowa State Fair talked about more gun control. This isn’t surprising as Democrats have always been against the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which clearly gives Americans the right to keep and bear arms. Sadly now some Republicans and even President Trump have said they support U.S. Congress passing federal red flag laws. Red flag laws allow a judge to temporarily confiscate firearms if the owner is considered dangerous or a threat. This could be abused by ex-spouses, ex-employees, people with different political views, different religions or paranoia. The Governor of New York joined 16 other states and signed red flag legislation that allows for gun owners to have their guns confiscated with no due process, no court date, no charges, and no facts but simply based on rumors and lies. Attorney Mike Hammond of Gun Owners of America said red flag laws are a smoke screen for gun confiscation. A man was turned in for being a dangerous threat in a state with red flag laws by his aunt because she disagreed with him politically and the result was an unannounced 5 a.m. visit from a police SWAT team to take his guns from his home. The innocent man, who had no warning of the unconstitutional raid, was shot dead by police. Red flag laws endanger innocent gun owners and police in a fruitless attempt to keep bad men (in someone’s opinion) from getting guns. Americans have over 325 million guns. Which is more than any country in the world. Bad men will always be able to get guns on the black market. All gun bans do is disarm good people in a useless attempt to keep bad men from getting guns. We need more good people carrying guns.

During mass shooting events in the U.S. the average number of deaths when police end the mass shooting is 14.3 dead. The average number of dead when a private citizen with a gun ends the mass shooting is 2.3 dead. If you have to wait for police six times more die in the mass shooting. Police officers from federal to local levels kill an average of 606 criminals per year. Private citizens using firearms in self-defense kill 1,527. Thousands of women in the U.S. each year use a firearm to defend themselves from sexual assault. Despite having some of the most restrictive firearm laws in the world the United Kingdom has a violent crime rate that is more than four times that of the U.S. Most of the major media demonize guns, gun owners and police.

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Thanks to the Elizabethton Star in February for printing the truth on the front page showing the benefits of having a concealed gun carry permit. The Star reported, “Bystander shoots man who fatally shot wife at dentist office.” It’s sad that one woman died at the dentist office in Kingsport but a bystander with a concealed carry permit disabled the suspect and prevented his escape or other casualties and was called a hero. Back in 2001, Yale law scholar, researcher and author of “More Guns, Less Crime,” John Lott Jr., complained that the major media ignores the facts about gun use. Lott asked, “When was the last time you heard a story on the national evening news about a citizen saving a life with a gun? Yet civilians use firearms to stop about 2 million crimes per year,” said Lott. Criminals like helpless victims. The September 11 terrorist attacks were done completely without the use of guns and show that getting rid of one object they can use for violence only sends them looking for another.

The Bible says God rejected Cain’s sacrifice. Cain decided to kill his brother instead of repenting and getting right with God. We’re not told what Cain used to kill his brother. It was unimportant. The evil in Cain’s heart was the cause of the murder, not the availability of the murder weapon. The Bible says people are, “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” Mankind is sinful and so there’s a need for guns in the hands of responsible Christians and other peaceful people to protect themselves and others. The Bible says self-defense is a God given right and we have a responsibility to protect our family. Christians are commanded to resist the devil. The Bible says the goal of the devil is to steal and kill. The best way to resist the devil is to be armed with a firearm and the word of God the Bible. In Luke 22:35-38 Jesus commanded His disciples just before he left them to die on the cross to buy weapons. They said they got two weapons and Jesus said that’s enough. Therefore every church should have at the least two Christians armed with weapons in their church at all times. Pastor Carl Gallups said based on Proverbs 22:3 churches should be prepared. Gallups tells about a Christian church of over 900 in Africa that was attacked by Muslims who planned to kill them all but because one Christian had a gun and shot back at them only a few were killed and the Muslims ran. The president of a Christian College, Liberty University, did the right thing in publicly encouraging students to carry concealed weapons.

In a dangerous world that is getting more dangerous in these last days (2 Timothy 3) before the return of  Jesus, prayer plus preparedness as the old saying goes, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition,” will remain wise. The slogan of America should be, “repent and reload!”

D.D. Nave