Father’s Hand

Published 9:05 am Wednesday, November 13, 2019

By Susana Barajas

Everyone has that one person they look up to and could say has impacted his/her life in some way. In this case, I could say my father Gabriel Barajas has. Gabriel has impacted my life in many ways; he has showed me what the world really is. He helps me understand things I didn’t get at first. He has been there for me since birth and is still here for me. A quote my dad always says that has stuck with me for a while is “Siempre da lo mejor de ti y lo mismo vendrá.” This translates as “Always give your best and the same thing will return.” Gabriel has shown me that anything is possible if you try and show that you really want it.

Gabriel has helped me through thick and thin. We were not in the best shape last year. Several bad things happened, but no matter what, he put a smile on our faces and kept hope that there would be a miracle. When my parents separated, it was horrible; it hurt a lot. I would go outside to talk to my dad forgetting he was not there. I’m telling this because I have so much respect for my dad because I know his background. I know how he came here for a better job and to raise a family. If my dad only had five dollars in his pocket and it was supposed to last him the week, he would still give it to us to put our health before his. Gabriel put others before himself, and it shows what kind of person he is. He has impacted my life, and maybe one day, he will inspire your life. Maybe he will show you that no matter what, if you have faith, things will get better. My father does not want us to go through what he had to endure. He wants the best for us, so he tries his best for us. I am glad I can say Gabriel Barajas is my father.

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This story is part of a series of articles from Michael Grindstaff’s Language Arts Class at Elizabethton High School.

Students were asked to write about inspirational people in their lives. The Elizabethton Star is proud to share these with our readers.