Out-of-towner chimes in on Chamber decision

Published 8:11 am Wednesday, November 27, 2019

To the Editor:
I saw on WJHL-TV news where the Chamber has decided to no longer organize the Fraser Fir lighting, the Christmas Parade and the Covered Bridge Festival. I was beyond shocked.
I know I don’t have any dog in this race as I do not live in Elizabethton.
The Chamber of Commerce and elected officials in Elizabethton probably do not think this is a big deal, but it is. It’s called family memories.
I am now in my 60s, but when I was growing up, my grandmother lived in downtown Elizabethton and as soon as we ate Thanksgiving supper it was time to put on our coats and gloves and walk to town to see the parade. It was so exciting for us grandchildren. Please don’t take that away from children, now. It’s making lifetime memories for them.
Now, to the Christmas tree. I have no doubt someone in Elizabethton government knows someone who would donate a tree. The mountains are full of trees. I hope you get the idea. Now I also would think since you’ve been decorating a tree for years, you already have the lights and star. What’s left? Paying the electric bill for a month for the tree, and you can’t afford that? Really?
Also, the Chamber said it was thinking more about education, business, which is fine, and tourism…don’t you think the Covered Bridge Festival is tourism?
It’s back to making memories, family and summer fun. By the way, I usually come to this festival.
As I said, I do not live in Elizabethton, but I have made a lot of memories there. I believe there has to be people in the Chamber of Commerce and in the City who do not want their long-time traditions to end.
By the way, many of the people who attend these events often eat in Elizabethton and shop there.
As my mom used to say, “Use your common sense.”
I hope you will not end these events for this out-of-towner and for the people, who live here.

H. Teague
Johnson City

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