The world’s trees collaborate on Christmas program

Published 8:38 am Friday, December 6, 2019


All the trees in all the world’s forests collaborated on a never before conceived Christmas program.
Each continent’s trees were assigned certain roles to fulfill. Information about each forest’s upcoming role were relayed to the forests through the subtle blowing of the wind, as well as the sounds of the birds which made their homes in the trees and the small animals which scurried around underneath the trees’ branches.
North America’s trees were assigned the task of opening the program with a brief statement. They then provided their original Christmas composition of a song about the night of Jesus’ birth. The wind, along with the great gigantic global group of forests, were determined to praise the Sovereign Lord with their loudest praise.
Europe’s trees rose to the occasion with a level of praise those forests had never before achieved. With all the pride of a military army saluting its commander-in-chief, this group of trees shouted “Hallelujah” in such union that only the Sovereign Lord could detect and that only He could fully appreciate.
South American and African trees were determined to outperform any expectations they had known in all their previous concerts. They agreed to a joint concert. The trees of South America planned to use their branches not to sing, but to make human humming sounds to the song written, composed and arranged by Africa’s forests.
India’s trees were determined not to be outdone by any or all of the other trees of Planet Earth. They determined that, since the concert was to be held at night, all of India’s trees would simultaneously raise their branches toward God’s throne in the light of the full moon of heaven. A full 60 seconds of silent worship to the Creator of heaven and earth, as the totality of their beings were swept up in praise to God.
Australia’s forests collaborated with Central America’s forests with a mini-concert that the world’s people had never experienced. While the tree branches danced to the wind’s choreography, the world’s oceans played a soft musical theme of praise in the background.
One unlikely grouping of trees participating in the special concert consisted of all the trees on the world’s islands. These trees held a brief news conference to make a special announcement. “We’ve decided to ask some of our human neighbors to accompany us on this journey of worship!” the trees declared. “We’ve decided that since we’re the smallest grouping of trees, it would only be fair to enlist some help for this event! But it’s only going to be a little help, because humans don’t praise the Lord nearly as well as we trees do!”
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