Writer disagrees with letter attacking Trump

Published 9:24 am Wednesday, December 11, 2019

To the Editor:

It was sad to read the letter to the editor, “Some thoughts about defending lawbreaker.” I disagree with the indoctrinated Trump hater. The letter writer from Johnson City said President Trump was a lawbreaker and traitor and Rep. Phil Roe’s, Senator Lamar Alexander’s and Senator Marsha Blackburn’s  place in history would be to be remembered as defending a traitor. The writer said if they stop defending Trump their grandchildren will be proud.

Obama had many scandals he could have been impeached for. Obama gave guns to Mexican drug cartels to track them but lost track of them in Operation Fast and Furious. Obama used the IRS to target conservative groups. Obama and Hillary Clinton had four dead Americans in Benghazi Libya and lied about it. Obama really did defend traitors. Obama broke the law by paying millions to get an Army deserter without notifying Congress. Obama pardoned a transgender army traitor. Obama illegally sent cash ransom to Iran. Obama had the DOJ targeting conservative reporters scandal and the Solyndra scandal. Obama and Hillary Clinton sold American uranium to Russia that could be used to make bombs that could kill millions.  Obama and Hillary Clinton gave billions to our enemy Iran and uranium to Russia — sounds like actions of traitors. The book, “Rules for Radicals,” is popular with the Clinton’s and the left. The book says accuse your opponent of what you’re guilty of yourself. A politician once joked “we politicians can’t be bought but we can be rented.” It could be a true statement for the Clintons and many others.

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The impeachment process wasn’t written in our constitution to be used as a partisan weapon but to only punish serious misbehavior. There was no due process for President Trump with attacks from an unnamed whistle blower and the use of conjecture and hearsay. There was a smear campaign from the pro-impeachment biased and anti-Trump biased media from before Trump took office. One reason Trump is hated more than any president is because he opposes globalism. Trump is pro-life is another reason they hate Trump. The Democratic Party Platform and all the Democrat candidates for president and the major media support taxpayer funding of abortion all nine months. Globalism and abortion are demonic and are supported by evil principalities and powers. Those who support abortion will have to give an account to God. Don’t worry about being popular and having your place in history. Better to have your place in heaven! Better to be remembered by one (Jesus) than all of the 7.7 billion people on earth!

D.D. Nave