STAR reader says airstrike on Iranian general justified

Published 8:13 am Monday, January 13, 2020

To the Editor:
I think the recent airstrike on Iranian General General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq was justified. The General was responsible for the deaths of at least 603 American military service members. General Soleimani led the IED program to kill American and Coalition troops and killed and maimed thousands. General Soleimani was an evil monster. Mike Walker said, “By terminating Soleimani President Trump has gone to the source of not only Iranian subversion in Iraq and elsewhere, but the source of the IED attacks that ruined or destroyed so many American and Coalition lives.”
Former CIA Operations Officer, Clare Lopez, and Former CIA Analyst, Dr. Peter Pry, said the elimination of Soleimani is good news, but Americans must understand the extreme danger because of all the Iranian terror cells here in America. They said it’s possible Iran could fire an Iranian Shahab-3 missile off the American coast for an EMP attack on our electric grid. Iran also has the ability to use cyber warfare to attack America’s critical infrastructure they said. Iran is motivated by their end times beliefs and will not act rational.
The Bible tells us there will be war in the Middle East and Egypt and Damascus, Syria will be destroyed. (Ezekiel 29, Joel 3, Isaiah 17). In the last days the Bible (Jeremiah. 49:34-39) says a city (Elam) in Iran will have to be evacuated. This is probably because of an earthquake on their nuclear plant built on an earthquake fault. We are seeing the alignment of the nations for the end time war. Gog of Magog coalition mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and 39 with Russia, Iran and Turkey are now working together.
President Trump inherited the problem of Iran. Obama’s pro-Muslim approaches to appease Iran and pay them off with billions of dollars only made them stronger. Trump ended that policy. The world is a better place with the death of a dangerous terrorist general. Death is the great leveler. Military generals who die lose all rank and title except non-Christian (unjust) or Christian (righteous). Trump eliminated from the earth General Soleimani with “Hell Fire” missiles. The general who liked to terrorize others is now terrorized and tormented in the fires of Hell forever. Don’t join him. Only Jesus can save each of us from the eternal wrath to come!

D.D. Nave

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