The signs are everywhere… Spring is near, just take a look around

Published 8:41 pm Sunday, March 15, 2020

People have been in such a rush of late that many have passed by the many signs of the upcoming spring season that are showing up everywhere.
From blossoms of pinks and whites that have started to fill the limbs of trees that have set dormant through another winter season almost to the point of appearing dead, the blossoms are an indication that indeed life still exists in those same trees.
The spring equinox officially begins on Thursday, March 19th.
When researching the meaning of what the spring equinox represents, it’s interesting to note that says that it is seen as a time of struggle between light and darkness, life and death – therefore the spring equinox represents new light and life, new beginnings, seeds, and path.
Also, the fact that day and night are equal on the day of the equinox represents our own need for balance at this time.
Local gardeners and farmers are beginning to prepare their soil and some have even planted early peas and onions as spring definitely creates the sense that new life is getting ready to take form.
It also marks the beginning of outdoor activities as many have been seen mowing their lawns and mulching their flower beds in preparation for the approaching season.
Flower lovers are beginning to select flowers that can still withstand some cooler temperatures along with the approaching spring to fill their flower beds with such as pansies to spruce up around their homes.
Local anglers are starting to come out in mass to take advantage of some of the best trout waters in the entire United States. Some anglers do brave the colder weather to fish but spring is an opportunity to bring out the entire family to gather on the banks of the river or lake to wet a line.
Even local livestock are benefiting from the plentiful rain and warm temperatures as fields and pastures are turning green with fresh, new grass that cattle and horses along with other animals can graze on after a winter of eating mostly hay.
And as local school students take their Spring Breaks, it indicates that another school year is fastly coming to an end signaling its time for parents to start preparing activities for the time they will have with their children when the school year comes to an end.
Yes, the signs are everywhere. Its time that everyone slows down to enjoy the splendor of nature and the beauty that begins to fill in the canvas of the creator’s handwork as colors begin to evolve and take shape in what will be the masterpiece of another spring season.

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