A life lived: Greg Winters leaves an enviable reputation

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Greg Winters was a fun-loving person, who had a big heart and was a hard worker.

Greg died March 1 after a bout with cancer.

Greg, 57, went from being a plant worker to a carpenter after working 25 years at Bosch’s Johnson City Plant. Greg built and remodeled houses as well as odd jobs, such as painting. “He went out of his way to help others. He was a very compassionate and caring person,” said his wife, Nikki.

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When he wasn’t working, Greg enjoyed horseback riding and old cars. “He had a life-long love for horses. When he got older he went on trail rides with his stepfather, Clyde Garland. He had two horses of his own,” said Nikki.

However, his first love was probably for old cars. “He had a 1989 hunter green Camaro, which he had restored. His dad, Grayson Winters, had originally owned the car. He took great pride in it,” Nikki shared, noting that Greg knew a lot about cars and enjoyed not only working on them, but talking about them. “He enjoyed going downtown on Saturday nights in the summer to look at the old cars and talk cars with his friends,” she said.

Greg also enjoyed attending car races and did so many times with his friend, Kevin Ward.

“Greg was one of those people who enjoyed things like cars, horses and his work, but I would have to say he really enjoyed his friends most and being around them. That was probably what drew him to cars and his other activities. The times he was in the hospital, his friends really turned out for him. He had the best friends ever, and when he was sick, they visited him often, both at home and in the hospital. They were always there for him,” Nikki said.

Greg also enjoyed his family and was a great dad to his children, Clo’e, Kassie, Masey, and Kayla. “He was always encouraging the girls to do good and enjoyed having them around him,” said Nikki.

Nikki shared that Greg had a great sense of humor and loved making jokes. “He had a nice smile and dimples that were forever,” she lovingly said.

A friend that worked with Greg wrote on the funeral guestbook: “I worked with him (Greg) for over 25 years. He was a lot of fun to work with, a big cut up. Had a lot of good times at work.”

Another person wrote: “You (Greg) were always like a bright ray of sunshine when you were doing work for us. I will always remember the fun days and happiness that you brought to us.”

Yet, another co-worker wrote: “Greg was a fine man and a great worker. He worked for me at Bosch and was a good example for others.”

A Viking proverb says, “Animals die, friends die and I shall die, but one thing never dies, and that is the reputation we leave behind at our death.”

Certainly, Greg Winters leaves an enviable reputation.