A Thought To Ponder….Not seeing, but believing

Published 8:21 am Wednesday, March 25, 2020

“Blessed are the ones who do not see and yet believe.” John 20:29
In my youth I was given a simple formula of faith that has often helped me: “Satan is mighty, but God is almighty.” It is so easy to focus on the size of our trouble instead of the greatness of God.
There was a time when all seemed its worst to David. He was told that even God could not help him. He knew better; and so he spoke: “You O Lord are a shield to me. You are my glory, and the one who lifts up my head. I cried unto you with my voice, and you heard me…I will not be afraid.” Ten thousand enemies were all around him, and yet he slept in perfect peace because the Lord was his keeper. (Psalm 3)
By now some of you are feeling a little discouraged. This is my prayer for any who can hear the boisterous wind, but can’t see God:
“Lord and Savior, hear my prayer for many of your children: We can’t see you today, but we know that you are near. Neither can we feel you though you are holding us close. Our troubles are so visible but you hide your presence in the air.
The words of the song say, ‘I thought I had to see and feel; to prove that what I loved was really real…’
Finally we understand it Lord. All our trials will be over one of these days. The troubles of this life, the tangled web of sin, sickness and the frightening things that we see today will all dissipate like dew in the sun. None of them can resist your voice that will say, ‘No more!’
Then we will see throughout eternity what is invisible today: the face of God, Your face; so, for now, we will continue to sing the song:
‘My faith still holds on to the Christ of Calvary
Oh blessed Rock of Ages cleft for me
I gladly place my trust in things I cannot see
My faith still holds on to the Christ of Calvary.” Amen
“I’m so glad troubles don’t last always.”
Grace and Peace
(The Rev. Ray Amos is pastor of First United Methodist Church, Elizabethton)

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