Elizabethton Housing and Development Agency is only a phone call away

Published 9:03 am Friday, April 3, 2020

The Elizabethton Housing and Development Agency wants the public to know they are still only a phone call away.
The agency closed their lobby on April 1 and have also suspended all resident activities and inspections for the month.
Kelly Geagly, executive director, said this decision came as a precaution.
“We did cancel all inspections for the month of April as an abundance of caution,” he said. “But we want people to know we are still here and will do anything people need by phone or mail now.”
While inspections have been cancelled, those who need assistance with maintenance can still call. Workers, wearing protective gear, will come into homes to fix anything needed with the person’s permission.
“We will still come if there are work orders placed,” he said. “People just need to call it in. And there is also a number for emergencies after hours. The only way we wouldn’t go in is if the person was quarantined to their home and we aren’t allowed to go in, or if a resident requests we don’t.”
Geagly said the agency will work with the Health Department if anyone becomes infected in a housing unit. Those in contact with an infected individual will be notified, and anything needing disinfected will be done.
Residents needing to pay rent can mail payments to Elizabethton Housing and Development Agency, P.O. Box 637 Elizabethton, TN 37644-0637, or by bringing it to the drop box near the main entrance of the agency’s office. Geagly said this box is secure and disinfected. He also said that those impacted by the virus, by either having it or losing their job for the time being because of it, will have flexibility in making payments during this month as well. Rent will be due, but the agency will work with people who need assistance.
If face-to-face contact is absolutely necessary, appointments will be made.
“We have a window with a speaker in it, where they can be on one side of the window and we can be on the other,” he said.
Geagly also said that this closure is not going to prevent anyone from applying for housing or moving in.
“Anybody who needs an application can call, email or Facebook us, and let us know. We will get them an application, and have them mail it in or turn it in to our drop box,” he said. “We’ll get all their information over the phone, and if it gets close to time for them getting an apartment, we will get their documentation on an appointment basis.”
Geagly said he wants people to know that while they are closed to the public, they will still be here for them.
“We’re just a phone call or a letter away,” he said. “We will still correspond and the drop box is monitored constantly and is secure. We will take care of our residents. We appreciate them and their cooperation with the guidelines.”

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