Taking food to the curb… Beef O’Brady’s just one of many that continue to serve the community

Published 12:51 am Friday, April 3, 2020

Adaption has been the name of the game with the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has affected every facet of business from the mom and pop stores to large manufacturing facilities.
One of the greatest impacts has been seen in the way local eateries have had to shut down their dining areas and have been faced with either closing down or continuing to serve the community through delivery and curbside pickup.
One of those eateries, Beef O’Brady’s, has continued to serve its customer base with curbside service while trying to ride out the pandemic until regular service can be restored.
General manager Valerie Coleman admits the challenges of running a restaurant brings a whole new dynamic to how she has to manage the business during this unparalleled time.
“It has definitely made it more challenging to adapt to run a restaurant during all this,” Coleman stated. “Staying positive while making solid decisions to continue to run Beef O Brady’s just as we would if the dining room was open.
“We stand behind giving great service while providing delicious food to our customers.”
Coleman said that due to the pandemic that she has had to, unfortunately, lay off some of her workforce.
“I have a GREAT Crew – I stand behind them and my heart feels for them,” Coleman said. “We will be bringing people back as soon as possible. I am really hoping sooner than later.”
With most people trying to follow the Stay at Home directives put in place by the City of Elizabethton and Gov. Bill Lee, one can imagine the financial impact that all local businesses have experienced.
To add to the woes for the restaurant industry, the pandemic couldn’t hit at a worse time locally as the first of spring brings a number of events and holidays that these businesses count on to spark their bottom line.
“Every year Beef O Brady’s has grown for us,” added Coleman. “This Pandemic has made a negative impact for the month. March is usually a big month for us, with St.Patrick’s Day celebrations and March Madness.”
The cancellation of the Spring Race at Bristol Motor Speedway and the upcoming Easter holiday are two more instances that have or will make a deep impact in the pocketbooks of local eateries.
Despite the current dilemma facing local restaurants, Coleman said their switch to curbside has been a positive one.
“Curbside has been going well for us – it’s something I want to continue to do for customers when this is over,” Coleman commented. “Curbside definitely makes it convenient for customers. We have also been doing in house “free” delivery within city limits.”
No one knows exactly how long the pandemic will affect how businesses like restaurants will have to continue to critically manage all aspects of the business.
Coleman was asked if it turns out that the pandemic could last three to six months or longer how that would translate to how restaurant owners and managers would have to respond.
“I think it will affect eateries all over,” stated Coleman. “Our plan at Beef O Brady’s is to make cutbacks where we need to and to be smart how we handle purchases and execute food so we can continue to keep pushing curbside and delivery services for the community.”
When it came to the customers that Beef O’Brady’s has been serving, Coleman said it has been very positive from everyone that has took advantage of the curbside service.
“The customers have been very supportive and appreciative of our curbside service,” added Coleman. “Most have been very generous with gratuity to the servers which has been helpful to them.”
Coleman went on to add that she wanted to add a ‘Big Thank You’ to the community who continues to support Beef O’Brady’s. They could not be more appreciative of all the business that is being brought to the eaterie on a daily basis.

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