FATZ Restaurant now selling groceries

Published 10:03 am Wednesday, April 8, 2020

FATZ Restaurant is now selling groceries amid the COVOD-19 pandemic.
According to Robert Davis, General Manager of the restaurant, the decision comes as a way to help people in the community amid shortages.
“Our corporate office realized that a lot of grocery stores and retailers kept running out of things like ground beef, so we decided to step in and compensate to make sure people could at least get things like ground beef, chicken and steak,” he said.
The restaurant is selling items like beef, chicken, steak, fish, some produce and even dairy products. Davis said the restaurant wants to keep the prices of these items as reasonable as possible, for example, hamburger meat runs for $4 per pound much like grocery store prices charge.
People can make orders by calling the restaurant, ordering online or by pulling up to red tents they have outside where they can be greeted by someone who works there.
Davis said the entire exchange is done in cars, and no one is allowed in the building.
“People pull up and we come out to greet them,” he said. “No one is allowed inside the building. We’re trying to keep it as safe as possible and keep that social distancing.”
In addition to maintaining social distancing guidelines, Davis said the restaurant is also enforcing handwashing on a timer to keep staff safe. He said that if any staff come down with the virus, the eating establishment will promptly close their doors.
Davis said that the restaurant has been doing this for two weeks now with a relatively good response so far, with many customers noting fears of entering grocery stores at this time.
While the restaurant is selling groceries, curbside options for the menu remain available, with new additions as well. Davis said one includes a family meal pack for four, that is around $22.
For more information on FATZ groceries or curbside services, you can call their Elizabethton location at 423-547-0001, or go to their website at www.fatz.com.
“I just want people to know we are being very safe here,” he said. “It’s all about the community. I don’t want to get anyone sick with this.”

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