Are the Chinese lying about the coronavirus?

Published 10:51 am Sunday, April 12, 2020

To the Editor:
For several weeks I have been pondering some questions about China. If they went ahead with the Chinese New Year’s instead of canceling when they supposedly already knew about the virus, COVID-19, then that means people from Wuhan would have been not only traveling to and from other countries but they would have been traveling all over China including Hong Kong. In addition, people from other parts of China would have been visiting friends and relatives in Wuhan. Thus, the virus should be rampant over other parts of China. But I have not heard any reports of this. Either they are covering up (lying about) their problems or something more sinister is going on. If other parts of China are not ravaged by this virus then they either have a medicine that cures it or a vaccine. In either case that means they had a planned release of this virus and allowed thousands of their people to perish as a part of a cover-up. With a country controlled by elite communists sacrificing people means nothing to them as long as they maintain control along with their desire to control the world; i.e., worldwide communism. As best we know none of their government officials have gotten the virus. Isn’t that rather strange also? What is their plan? What are their thought patterns/schemes? In any event China should be held accountable, both morally/ethically and economically.
One could surmise that they dislike the revised trade deal between China and America and want to make the free world pay for it. Through trade debt they were on the road to take over the free world anyway. It was just a matter of time. Fortunately, President Trump saw through this mess and had the guts to stop it; i.e., stop China from taking over America by debt; trade imbalance. If that is the case then we are experiencing the first attempt to use germ warfare on a global scale. If they can wreck our economy then they can buy our companies at very low prices and thus attain their initial goal — world domination. The trillion dollar recovery package sponsored by President Trump and finally approved by Congress is a way to defeat the Chinese provided our nation gets back to work as well as develop medicines to cure the virus and a vaccine to stop its spread. I think our nation will survive this devious threat provided it corrects its moral and ethical decline. In any event, if this is true then we better prepare for similar devious attacks via germ warfare. They could lead to worldwide conflicts in the future. If this scenario is not correct, we must realize that regardless we have learned a great deal and have established a network to deal with such emergencies in the future and they will come as a result of globalization. It is equally important to realize that as a result of this unprecedented medical emergency we are now a richer nation in that people have learned to appreciate one another and work together for the benefit of all. We have also developed a greater appreciation for the blessings we have and no longer take those blessings for granted. We have realized that as a nation we can rise above petty politics and misguided agendas. Let’s pray and thank God for his intervention in the situation including positioning the right people in leadership roles at the correct time. As Ben Franklin said “I am sure that God rules in the affairs of man.”
Another warning hinted at in the above paragraph has to do with the moral and ethical decline of our nation. We have slowly been removing God from our nation. Sometimes God allows things to happen as a wakeup call for a nation in such situations. He allows evil to prevail. In the days of Prophet Jeremiah Israel had moved away from God. They were doing what was right in their own eyes. God was being rejected. They were repeatedly warned but to no avail. (Read the Books of Jeremiah and Laminations.) Finally they were taken over by Babylon. There are numerous good people in this nation who are giving the same type warnings. But the liberal media just makes a mockery of their warnings. In addition, the liberal elites, the progressives and many in the Democratic Party are doing the same. I urge these people to read Jeremiah before it is too late. God is long suffering but He does have a limit at which time either individuals or nations will be turned over to their own demise.
J. Ronald Winter

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