Earth/nature worship in some churches

Published 3:29 pm Tuesday, April 14, 2020

To the Editor:
For 50 years environmentalists have celebrated their religions most important holiday on April 22 — Earth Day. More than one billion people last year participated in Earth Day activities, making it the largest civic observance in the world. Vaclar Klaus said, “I’m convinced after years of study the phenomenon, global warming isn’t a matter of temperature. Global warming is a new religion of climate change. This religion tells us people are responsible for small increases in temperatures and they should be punished.” They even want to punish those who disagree with them and charge them with being a climate change denier. Klaus said, “Temperatures are the result of natural causes, the role of man is very small almost negligible.”
Humans have about as much environmental impact as spitting in Watauga Lake! About 10,000 scientists with the highest degrees have signed a petition. The scientists said there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, or other greenhouse gases, is causing or will cause catastrophic heating of the earth’s climate. Moreover, scientific evidence shows carbon dioxide produces many beneficial effects upon plant and animal life. Carbon dioxide from humans sources only contributes 4 percent per year. The rest coming from the oceans, decaying vegetation and volcanoes. The earth will have climate change when one-third of the earth burns during the tribulation, probably from all volcanoes becoming active at the same time.
Pope Francis and other globalists have been pushing climate change as a world problem for 50 years to give the U.N. more power and money. Globalists are moving the world toward the seven-year tribulation. The Bible in Revelation says the earth will be slave to a global religion, a global currency and a global dictator. The U.N. and globalists are now using the world problem of coronavirus to create the need for a cashless one world government that keeps track of everyone’s location to stop the spread of disease. Apple and Google just announced both will use contact tracing software, first in an app voluntarily downloaded but then it will be built into the software of every iPhone and Android on earth creating permanent surveillance. Globalists in their own words say coronavirus will help accomplish the U.N. Agenda 2030 and transform the world into a “new society” a “digital economy” and transform the world into “global governance.”
Earth/nature worship has even gotten into some churches and some books used by churches. The Message “Bible” inserts Earth reverence as a new requirement to go to heaven in I Corinthians 6. It inserts the phrase “use and abuse the earth” as a great evil that keeps one from going to heaven. The message omits the sin of homosexuality from several passages such as I Corinthians 6:9-11 and also I Timothy 1:8-11. Christians shouldn’t observe Earth Day or bow down to “Mother Earth.” The Message shouldn’t be used by any Christian because it isn’t trustworthy and puts political correctness over accuracy.
Some aren’t happy with “the old time religion” and use their translation to make their own kind of religion. If your church uses it you should move to a church using real Bibles!
Environmentalists have shown more concern for animals than for people. Jesus made a distinction between animals and persons. Jesus said, “Are you not much more valuable than they?” The Bible teaches that humans are created in God’s image with a soul, making them the most valuable resource on earth. Therefore Christians are more focused on saving souls not the earth and focused on the creator (Jesus) more than the creation. The earth is the Lord God’s. You won’t get eternal life by feeling God in nature or helping the environment, but only through a relationship with Jesus that changes your nature. The Bible asks, “what would it profit a man if he gained the whole world and lost his soul?” C.S. Lewis advised:”Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in, aim at earth and you get neither!”
D.D. Nave

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