Milligan College celebrates Wonderful Wednesday

Published 2:05 pm Wednesday, April 15, 2020

MILLIGAN COLLEGE — It is no ordinary day for Milligan College. Today, April 15, the college celebrates Wonderful Wednesday.
On this 51st celebration, Milligan had to take a new approach and celebrate Wonderful Wednesday entirely online.
“As our semester finishes online, our administration was determined to celebrate our most beloved tradition,” said Jason Onks, director of campus activities. “Wonderful Wednesday began in a time of national uncertainty 50 years ago as a way for students to take a mental break and celebrate as a community before the final push to the end of the semester. This year, as we face another time of global uncertainty, it’s important that our college community not lose this opportunity.”
Milligan students were notified this morning that today was Wonderful Wednesday through a fun video message from President Dr. Bill Greer and student leaders on Milligan’s Campus Activities Board.
Wonderful Wednesday began on April 30, 1969. Milligan has continued the tradition every year, although the holiday does not always fall on a Wednesday. A veil of secrecy surrounds the exact date and theme of the surprise holiday each year.
Onks also noted that a virtual Wonderful Wednesday provides a special opportunity for alumni involvement.
“We are encouraging our alumni to participate in several activities throughout the day,” said Onks. “For many alumni, their favorite memories at Milligan involve Wonderful Wednesday, and we hope they will have some fun and show their Buff pride today.”
This year’s theme is “Brutus’ Day Off.”
Many events are scheduled throughout the day for students and alumni and will be celebrated on Milligan’s social media accounts. The events include:
  • Online scavenger hunt
  • Baking challenge
  • Toilet paper trick shot challenge
  • Trivia
  • Esports competition
  • Netflix watch party of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”
For more information and a schedule of the day’s events, visit

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