Couple observes Silver Wedding Anniversary and Mother’s Day

Published 1:17 pm Thursday, April 16, 2020

By Greg Miller
Joseph and Janie had been married for 25 years.
With each passing year, the love that Janie and Joseph had for each other grew to a greater degree. For the couple’s Silver Anniversary, Joseph bought a very fancy wedding anniversary for Janie – a super stylish wedding band.
Janie removed her new ring from the box, her eyes dancing with excitement. “Thanks sweetheart,” said Janie. “This is the ring I’ve always wanted.”
Janie also purchased a special gift for Joseph. “Wow, darling,” exclaimed Joseph. I have always wanted to eat at this restaurant, but it’s so expensive!”
“I’ve always wanted to treat you to dinner there, too, honey. Thanks for getting these special discount tickets so we can share the experience together.”
The following evening, Joseph and Janie ate dinner at their new favorite restaurant. They discussed their lives together, their son and daughter and the business they owned.
You’ve been such a wonderful wife, Joseph told Janie. “I’m so glad I married you.”
“I have been thrilled living life with you,” Janie said. “You are the best husband and father in the world. I still think you’re the most handsome guy in the world, too.”
Joseph had a surprise for Janie. “We’re on vacation next week, right?”
“Yes. We’re planning to stay home and spend a romantic week together.”
Joseph’s eyes twinkled as he continued. “Well our plans have changed. We’re going on a cruise to Jamaica.”
“Wow! I’ve always wanted to Jamaica on a cruise. Now my dream is being realized. Thank you so much.”
The couple left the restaurant and headed home. They entered the living room and sat on the sofa.
“There’s a nice romantic movie getting ready to start,” said Joseph. “Let’s watch it together before we go to bed.”
“Sure. Since tomorrow is Sunday, we can sleep a little late and still get to church on time.”
The couple held hands as they drifted off to sleep. Joseph whispered into Janie’s ear, “Happy Anniversary, honey. Happy Mother’s Day.”
They stopped at their favorite fast food restaurant for biscuit breakfasts, which they ate on the way to church. When they arrived at their Sunday school class, they noticed the room was empty.
“We’re not late,” said Janie. “I wonder what’s going on.”
Janie and Joseph took their usual seats and began discussing the lesson among themselves. “We’re studying Genesis chapter one this week,” Joseph remembered.
“People back in the first chapter of Genesis must have had it really hard,” observed Janie.
“What do you mean?”
 “They didn’t get to observe all the cool holidays like we do now.”
“Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day.”
As if on cue, the other members of the class walked through the door. “Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day,” they said.
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