We must trust the Great Physician for a cure

Published 5:58 pm Friday, April 17, 2020

To the Editor:
It is not intent to be a fear monger, but a realist. The reality is that the COVID-19 crisis is not going to be several weeks or even months crisis, but will be a significant issue for years — at least two! The role of “social distancing” (more appropriately called “physical distancing”) is to slow the spread of the virus to keep from overwhelming the medical care system. I totally support this effort, but point out that this is not a cure. Eventually, the majority of the population will be exposed. Hopefully, with time more ventilators can become available as well as treatments to diminish the effects of the disease. A vaccine is many, many months or years away, if it can be developed at all. No vaccine has yet been successful for the coronavirus. We are not even sure whether surviving the virus confers permanent immunity. (See excellent secular online article “How the Pandemic Will End” by Ed Yong in “The Atlantic.”)
Now comes the point that the far leftists and atheists will dispute. I believe that the United States’ past success was based on our reliance on God (In God We Trust), and that His commandments were our Gold Standard. Unfortunately, there are those who have tried to remove those standards and replace them with lesser secular principles. I believe that this crisis was allowed to come upon the world to get our attention, because so many have turned away from God and His laws. I feel much like Jeremiah, speaking what many do not want to hear or want to reject, but I feel that this must be said: We must turn to God for guidance and seek His will for each of our lives, and that there must be a widespread awakening and revival of the faith and dependence on God.
Man alone does not have a handle on this crisis. We must seek the divine intervention of God — The Greatest Physician — for guidance and a cure, which only He can provide. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14. Christians’ hope is in Romans 8:28.
The Word, Truth, and Jesus will stand long after we are all gone — Forever!
Pray, pray, pray!!!
In the love of Christ
Steven Vest, MD

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