Sharks think one of their species may have swallowed Jonah

Published 2:01 pm Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mark the Shark was a very intelligent sea creature.
“I’m not the most intelligent shark in the ocean, but I would venture to say I’m a little wiser than that two-legged critter called man,” Mark observed.
Mark told his mom, Margaret, “God had no sooner created Adam, and he disobeyed God, fell into sin and began to partake of the curse rather than God’s Blessing.”
Mark enjoyed swimming close to shore, just to scare those creatures made in God’s image. “I like to show my fin to them, just to warn them not to venture too deeply into my watery domain,” he said. “They need to stay on dry land and leave the ocean to me.”
“That’s right,” Margaret agreed. “It’s all right for them to take a couple of steps out into the water, but that’s it.”
Marky, Mark’s dad, was pleased with his son. “You’re sure a chip off the old fin,” Marky grinned.
To Mark, almost every edible life form was a gourmet dish. “Swordfish, turtles and sea bass are my favorites,” Mark told his mother on Mother’s Day.
“Kelp and seaweed will also keep the hunger pangs away,” Mark told his dad on Father’s Day. “Although I must admit vegetables are pretty bland. But I do thank God for supplying a never-ending ocean buffet for me all year long.”
“That’s one reason you’re so smart, Son,” smiled Marky. “You acknowledge the creator as you swim through life. I know several underwater creatures who never give God a second thought.”
“I know a few who don’t even give God a first thought or an afterthought,” Mark replied.
“I’ve heard through the underwater grapevine there are many humans  in that category,” stated Margaret. “From sunup ‘till sundown they only have room enough in their brains to think of themselves…not God…not anyone else.”
“I also heard a story about a prophet of God named Jonah who ran from the Lord and refused to preach God’s Word to the people of a large city. His name was Jonah. He got on a boat in his effort to run from God’s call. He was thrown overboard and was swallowed by a great fish that God prepared for that purpose. It may have been a whale, or another giant sea creature. I believe it’s possible, however, the Lord may have used a special shark for the job.”
“Why do you think it may have been a shark, Mom?” asked Mark.
“Because of our superior intelligence, of course,” Margaret beamed. “Every shark I know believes we are the most intelligent sea creature. Besides, we are very discriminating eaters, so we would have had no trouble in depositing Jonah back on dry ground. I just wonder why it took three days to get rid of the guy!”
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