That Burns My Biscuits!

Published 10:25 am Friday, April 24, 2020

By E.J. Smith
Happy Spring! Spring with cold mornings, that is. It sure is nippy when my dog and I walk just after daybreak. He insists on it. With that said, a daily walk with your dog can provide one way you can still get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and exercise while quarantined due the COVID-19 virus.
Also, playing out in the yard is still good, your own yard, that is.
Today’s discussion is about what we can do to survive our quarantine. Most of us are fearful and unsettled during this time. Maybe you will find something here to cheer you and to help you continue to do things for your family and neighbors. It is things thatButter Your Biscuitsinstead of burning them.
I  have seen so many parents out walking with their children. Great way for fun and exercise! There are many interesting goodies to find on a walk too. Make it a treasure hunt with you asking them to find certain things and discussing the found items. A good way to cheer the kids is to put sidewalk chalk outside for them to have some fun with. Maybe they will leave you some pretty pictures. I also see kids out in their yards with parents, playing. Love this! Folks are also placing teddy bears in their windows for kids to see and count. You probably have an old one lying around, put it there to help children laugh and feel normal. At-home parents are offering free child care for those who must still leave home for work. Home-school parents are sharing tips on how to be at home all day with the kids and how to focus on studies and offer tips on entertaining the kids as well.
Neighbors are bringing food to those most vulnerable to the virus. They are also getting groceries, paying bills, and whatever they can do to help those who cannot get out.  I have been blessed to have family and friends bring food and to call and check on me on a regular basis. Thank God for good friends and neighbors!
Private citizens are not the only ones attempting to help others: Schools still provide lunch for kids via school bus or for pick-up. We saw one yesterday in Mountain City. Oh yes! We were out driving and looking for wildflowers and waterfalls and found many beautiful spots on the way. Also, restaurants are offering free food to children who are locked out of school lunch programs.
Businesses and services are doing things as well. Power and water companies are suspending shut-off notices. Internet companies are providing free services.  Landlords are postponing rent and some are offering free housing for college students ousted from dormitories during school closings.
Some basketball players are donating part of their salaries for whatever it is needed to help us get over this pandemic. People are doing what they can, everyday people as well as the ones who are well known.
We have seen so much kindness, generosity and love during this most trying time. Let us continue to do what is in our power to help, whether hands-on, donating, or encouraging others to keep on using their masks and gloves, washing their hands and keeping the social distancing rule.
   I hope these tips will help you get through this pandemic. If you have more ideas or suggestions, please let me know at burns
   There is still hope and God still is in control! He will bring us out of this. All we have to do is talk to him about it. Pray! Pray! Pray!
You are in my prayers,

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