Frontier sheriff witnesses to outlaws

Published 3:38 pm Thursday, April 30, 2020

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Sheriff Saul was a law enforcement officer in the early years of Frontier America.
Although he was a no non-sense kind of guy, Sheriff Saul believed in fair play. He treated every outlaw and every alleged outlaw with the same level of fairness afforded the pillars of society.
“The Sovereign Lord is no respecter of persons, and neither am I,” Sheriff Saul stated.
Sheriff Saul also loved to show mercy to those he arrested. “Even if you’re guilty of the crime for which you’ve been arrested, you probably deserve another chance to be a law abiding citizen,” he said.
The sheriff was a Christian, so he took advantage of every opportunity to share his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. “Telling others about Jesus is more important than anything else,” he told Sarah, his wife.
“And you share your faith by your actions as well as your words,” she replied.
One day, three outlaws robbed the city’s largest bank. The owl-hoots rode hard and fast to their hideout, a two-day journey from the city.
Sheriff Saul was out of town escorting another prisoner, Sinner Killer, to the county seat to be hung for murder. Sheriff Saul invited Sinner Killer to accept Christ. The Holy Spirit convicted Sinner Killer of his sin and the murderer gave his heart to the Lord.
Upon his arrival back in town, Sheriff Saul and his deputy, Samson, began trailing the outlaws. “Sorry I didn’t start tracking them on my own, but I was visiting the orphanage near town checking on the kids there,” said the deputy.
“We’ll still get ’em, Sam!” declared Sheriff Saul.
“You wanna leave now?”
“No, we’ll leave tomorrow morning. The Holy Spirit will lead us to them. We’ll get ’em all and bring ’em back for trial.”
“Are you certain about that?”
“Yep. Like I said, the Holy Spirit will lead us to them.”
At daybreak, Sheriff Saul and Deputy Samson galloped after the desperadoes. Early the next day, Sheriff Saul said, “The Lord is telling me we’ll catch up with them before dark.”
The robbers’ cabin was hidden by the surrounding hills. The lawmen were ready to confront the bad guys. “Hello in the cabin!” Sheriff Saul shouted.
“Come out with your hands up!” Deputy Samson bellowed.
“And throw your guns out first!” the sheriff yelled.
Holstered six-guns flew out the open door, followed by three outlaws with raised hands. “How’d you catch us so quickly?” asked Sonny, the outlaws’ leader.
“God led us to you,” said Sheriff Saul.
“A voice spoke to us, too. It said you’d never catch up to us.”
“You have to be careful about whose voice you listen to. We were following God’s voice. You were listening to the voice of the devil, and that will always get you into trouble!”
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