God did not cause this virus, but He will use it

Published 4:29 pm Friday, May 1, 2020

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To the Editor:
Believe, God did not cause this virus to come upon the world…but He might use it.
The world’s people have made many different changes in the last several years, not always for the good. This world is made and given by God to people. Have we forgotten what is in His Word, written and living inside our churches, houses, and all over the world?
A few years ago there was a wonderful lady, and if you were around her very long, you would hear her say: “God first, others next, and self, last.” After many times of hearing this, it became a truth not easily forgotten. We have failed, but it is for us to remember and live it.
Do we pick up the Word of God, our Bible, and read it every day? It is something each of us should do, and do it not out of habit, but because we love God.
God, wake us up, please!
Mary B. Holt
Milligan College

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