Twins agree they have the best mom

Published 2:11 pm Thursday, May 7, 2020

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Marina and Mitzi were twin sisters who deeply loved their mother, Miami.
Since Mother’s Day 2017 fell on May 14, the young ladies’ birthday, Marina and Mitzi were determined to create some special memories for their mom. “For 21 years,” Marina told Miami, “you’ve been there for us. You have prepared countless delicious and nutritious meals. You’ve driven us to school every day in all kinds of weather. You’ve supported us in all our sports events. You and dad have provided a stable and loving home environment.”
Mitzi recalled her mother’s major contribution to the family. “You read Bible stories to us and prayed with us every night when we were younger,” Mitzi stated. “You made sure you told us about salvation only being available through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood on Calvary’s cross.”
“That’s right, Sis,” Marina agreed. “The day I accepted Jesus into my heart is the most memorable day in my life.”
“Mine, too,” Mitzi recalled. “We both accepted the Lord on the same day. We were only 10 years old, but I remember it like it was just yesterday.”
For Marina, Mother’s Day 2017 was the most memorable Mother’s Day she had ever experienced. Mitzi and Marina treated their mom (and dad) to a banquet buffet at Miami’s favorite upscale restaurant.
“Thank you girls for this great meal,” Miami told her daughters. “It was the best meal I’ve eaten in a long time.”
Before the family left the restaurant, Mitzi and Marina gave a special necklace to their mom. The strand of big, bold diamonds shouted the message: “Dearest mom, we love you!”
“I love you, too, Marina and Mitzi!” Miami gushed. “You’re the best daughters in the world!”
Mitzi and Marina also composed a short poem for Miami for the occasion. “We’re so glad you’re our mother. None other could be so dear. So thanks for being our mom every day of the year.”
Mitzi and Marina spent the afternoon with Miami, discussing all the good times they experienced during the twins’ growing up years. After eating a light snack, the family went to church for the evening service.
As part of Mother’s Day festivities, parishioners were asked to state something nice about their mothers. One after another, attendees announced, “My mother is the best mom.”
Mitzi and Marina did not want to disrupt the service, but they felt they must say something. Rising from their pew, the young ladies announced simultaneously, “Sorry to disagree with you, but you’re wrong! We know for a fact that our mother is the best mom!”
“How can you be so sure?” inquired Pastor Mack.
“Because every day she tells us she’s the best!” the twins’ chuckled.
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