Vaccines and control during COVID-19

Published 1:41 pm Tuesday, May 12, 2020

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To the Editor:
Since the coronavirus outbreak you keep hearing about vaccines on the media especially on the liberal media. In addition you hear it from the NIH (National Institute of Health), Dr. Fauci, and the CDC as well as Bill Gates. The picture portrayed is that vaccines are the sure cure-all even though they are often not available until many months or years after they are needed. In the case of coronavirus the best treatment as with most flu viruses is to have a medicine that counteracts the virus such as chloroquine and hdroxychloroquine which in numerous cases has helped several persons with the coronavirus.
It is an old relatively inexpensive drug with few, if any, major side effects. (The odd thing is that the NIH and CDC seem to be against the use of this drug.) There are some newer drugs that are being tried such as remdesivir.
They keep harping on a vaccine as the panacea that will delivery us all. Fear is used to intimidate the public to go along with their proposals. But then you hear the rest of the story from the liberal contingency. With the vaccine we must then tag everyone who has had the vaccine or has had coronavirus. Then, no doubt this tag (immunity card) will determine who can return to work, go to a sports event, attend a concert, see a movie, etc. Without the tag you will be labeled a threat. This theme has been pushed by the liberal elites and media to psychologically make everyone buy this as a logical thing to do without realizing that you are indirectly giving the government or the elite control over your life and losing freedoms. From a tag (a vaccination card) the next step is to use a chip with which the government can track everything that you do and select you if your thoughts or actions are counter to those in control. Does this not sound like China or Russia?
The other aspect of this vaccine panacea is that they never mention the natural immune system and things you can so to enhance it. If you have an enhanced immune system, your body can ward off many contagious diseases including common colds as well as the flu. Such things as vitamin C, selenium, Vitamins D and A and perhaps Vitamin E and zinc have in numerous tests shown to enhance the immune system. It makes more sense to prepare the body to fight diseases rather than wait to battle the disease after you get it. In cases that you still get, say the flu, your enhanced immune system will help you better deal with the flu and recover much faster. So you win either way with an enhanced immune system.
Now comes another scary fact that is occurring right under our noses. For a child to go to school it is now required in many school systems that a child must have had certain vaccines. The parents are psychologically convinced that the vaccines will protect their child. Again fear is used by the liberals. The question is “is that always true”? There are certain vaccines that are definitely needed such as the polio vaccine. If there is a persistent disease and not a one-year (perhaps two-year) thing like most flues, I am all for developing a vaccine if it is properly tested for side effects. But many of the vaccines may not fit this criteria. In fact, there is substantial information available that some vaccines have led to other problems such as autism which was almost unheard of years ago. Certain vaccines used in parts of Africa resulted in young women being sterile. With a vaccine requirement (mandate or law) does not the government and the associated educational system have the ability to discriminate against individuals who may not have certain vaccines. If this gets to the point that each child must have a vaccination card with his health history on it to be allowed to enter certain schools, events, etc. won’t this lead to the use of a chip that those in power can use to control and/or monitor people. Are parents and their children through the use of fear being slowly led down this road and the eventual loss of freedoms/liberties.
Finally, if a vaccine is needed that should be between you and your doctor and not controlled by the government. It is one thing for the government to support research on vaccines and medications and make them safely available to the public but it is not for them to control and force people to use them. If the government has control then you have lost your freedom to choose. Of course, there are abnormal situations where certain actions by the government may be needed but these should be short term and should not include long term historical data being stored on individuals that can be used as a means to limit a person’s freedom in the future.
J. Ronald Winter

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