Remembering Weston… Keeping the memory of a passionate kid alive for the benefit of others

Published 5:07 pm Friday, May 15, 2020

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Weston Cosey was the All-American little boy.
If it had wheels he would ride it if it had a steering wheel he wanted to drive it if it was a ball he was ready to throw it, and if it was a tree then he was ready to climb it.
Just like all the other little boys his age growing up in a small community loving God, loving life, loving family, and loving friends.
Unfortunately, on a fateful day before he was even able to reach his seventh birthday, Weston tragically met an unforeseen end to his otherwise perfect young life.
A loving God needed someone just like Weston and all his love and passion and when the Heavenly call was made to Weston on that day, he answered it creating a gaping hole in the life of his family and friends that were left behind with his memories.
As the day of Weston’s birthday – May 23 rolls around, his family wanted to do something that they knew Weston would whole-heartedly approve of by hosting a benefit toy drive for children at Harmony Freewill Baptist Church on his birthday from 1-3 pm.
“My family and I have talked about how hard we knew the month of May was going to be for us with it being what would have been Weston’s 7th birthday on the 23rd,” said Weston’s mother Heather Allen. “We wanted to do something in his memory that would help the community that has been so supportive and done so much for us.
“We also thought this would be a good way for our family to celebrate Weston in a positive way. We thought about memories of Weston receiving gifts on his birthday and at Christmas and how happy he was with his smile.
“We wanted to be able to give that to children in need in Weston’s honor.”
For those that had the blessing of knowing the young man, the saying that once you met him you would never forget him was so applicable as he left a lasting impression on all whose lives he touched.
“Weston was all boy – all the time,” Allen said. “He was always on the go. He loved being outside playing basketball with friends and loved riding dirt bikes.
“He lived life with no fear and was never afraid to try something new. Weston was always happy and his smile would melt your heart.
“He made friends wherever he went,” Allen continued. “Weston left a lasting impact on everyone he came in contact with. In his six short years, he taught us how to live, be friendly, be kind, love more, hug more, and smile and live life with no fear.
“That’s how Weston Cosey will be remembered.”
Allen said that the toy drive is not looking for anything specific, just something that a young child around the age of seven would enjoy playing with.
“We are not looking for any specific toys. Just simply anything you think that a child would enjoy,” said Allen.
“Initially, we wanted to take up toy donations for boys Weston’s age which would have been seven. The more we thought about it, Weston would have wanted to give to kids in need both boys and girls.
“So we are going to keep the age Weston would have been each birthday. This year we are taking donations for seven-year-old boys and girls.”
Currently, the family is working on specifics on how the toys will be distributed whether by selecting children off Angel Trees, being guided to children in need by their church family, or by simply anticipating the need of families in their community.
As one can imagine, something of this magnitude couldn’t be pulled off without the help of an army. Allen has been supported in a big way as those who have known Weston have come alongside to make this a reality in his memory.
“My sister Jessica Gryder and my mother Tammy Allen have helped me organize the event,” said Allen. “My church family and Pastor Brandon Young of Harmony Freewill Baptist Church have graciously volunteered to be the drop off location for the event.
“The entire community has been so supportive of my family at this time. I am honored to give back in any way possible.”
Allen said there hasn’t been any specific goal set as to how many toys they receive whether it be for 10 children or 100 children. The main goal is to be able to provide as many toys as possible to children as God allows.
One thing the mother does know and that if Weston was present today, he would have to be smack in the middle of every phase of the toy drive.
“If Weston was here, he would not only help pick out the toys, but he would help give the toys out,” Allen reflected. “He would tell the children to smile and have no fear and always to do what you love to do.”
Weston is just another reminder of how much we need not take for granted any second, minute, hour, or day that we have with our children. Even though we have and hold them today, there may not be another tomorrow as no one has the promise of another day.

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