A response to Ronald Winter letter

Published 2:59 pm Friday, May 29, 2020

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To the Editor:
After reading an opinion to the Elizabethton Star by L. Ronald Winter, had the headline not read, “Democrat leaders betray their party,” I would have sworn he was talking about Republicans. But this is so typical.
His letter had statements without facts, generalizations without basis, and when I read that he was insinuating that Dems were taking over the media, I about threw up with this lie. It is the Republicans that are guilty of almost everything in his article. His unintelligent comment that the Dems agenda was abortion, when actually it is simply giving a woman the choice of what to do with her own body, and it was decided by a Republican controlled Supreme Court.
He hollered that Dems were for reinterpretation of sexuality, when once again, it’s none of his _____ _____ business. I have known people who were gay, and found them to be much more humane that some Republicans that have crossed my path, as well as the president, whom I hope never does.
I also find it is the Democrats who are fighting like brave soldiers to preserve our country, as I have watched Republicans pass laws that slowly take away our rights to govern our own selves. This Republican corruption was so evident when the Republican controlled Senate stood in the way of justice during trump’s impeachment (leave it “t” please), as they thwarted our system of justice.
So, Mr. Winter, if you want to pack immorality on any party, you best start with the Republican president who has broken ALL the Ten Commandments, and spit in God’s face with his behavior. Don’t high and mighty me. You are wrong, maybe dead wrong, if you listen to Trump and his coronavirus lies.

Janet Hyder

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