Respect the police — ‘The rule of the law protects us all’

Published 12:14 pm Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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To the Editor:
It was sad to see video of one bad Minnesota policeman with his knees on the neck of George Floyd, a black man he had arrested. He died and Trump called on the FBI and Department of Justice to investigate the very sad and tragic death. Rioters and looters wouldn’t wait for the investigation, but used his death for cover to burn, destroy and steal.
Police/law enforcement officers risk their lives in the line of duty to maintain the safety of our communities while working to uphold the rule of law and deserve our respect and recognition. A few bad police would never represent all police. It’s not a statistical sample. Today in America over 900,000 law enforcement officers risk their lives for the safety and protection of others. Over 99 percent serve with valor and distinction — and with success. That protection comes at a high price. Annually, attacks on law enforcement officers result in over 16,000 injuries. Sadly over 150 officers a year are killed in the line of duty making the ultimate sacrifice. “Blue lives matter.”
The major media tried to demonize police because of bias against them and because of a liberal agenda. The communists and globalists want riots and chaos. Rap songs and video games teach children to disrespect police. Schools and parents should teach their children to respect police. Teach children when they encounter police to show respect, show their empty hands and follow commands. The next group they will demonize will be Christians. The problem comes down to one thing: “In Him (Jesus) all things hold together…” We see the results of evicting Jesus — all things are disintegrating. Jesus and His church is the solution to race and sin problems. When those who hate others are racist, loot and steal come to faith in Jesus they love others and hate, loot and steal no more!
Justice is of the highest importance to God. Psalm 89:14 says, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne.” That is why Jesus had to die for sin. Until the blood of Jesus covers your sin the Bible calls you unjust. The Bible also says in 2 Timothy that in these last days dangerous times would come and lawlessness shall abound. So police are needed more than ever. One of the names of the coming Anti-Christ is the lawless one. Anarchy shouldn’t be promoted by our major media and communists. No one is safe to work or attend church or do anything else when there’s anarchy. Police are serving God by restraining evil and providing justice, law and order.(Romans 13:4) The least we can do is thank, respect and pray for our police as, “the rule of the law protects us all!”

D.D. Nave

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