Hey bud, whatcha got under the hood… Saturday night drive-in offers different years, makes, and models

Published 12:01 pm Friday, June 5, 2020

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There is nothing like a beautiful Saturday evening in early summer with the sound of revving engines and a bunch of beautiful bodies showing off on Elk Avenue in downtown Elizabethton.
The bodies by the way are not what one might think either.
These bodies belong to vehicles, both vintage and newer, that line each side of the street during the summer car drive-in held downtown and welcomed back with open arms after many have been quarantining in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
And if last Saturday night is any indication, this could be a banner year for cars coming to the downtown area as over 800 cars nudged and angled their way onto every inch and side-street that downtown could offer.
With hoods raised and most vehicles sporting a new wash and wax job, hundreds of people strolled through the streets almost elbow to elbow taking a look at what was under the hood of each engine.
Even the young were taking time to pop their heads over the grills and fenders to see what each vehicle had to offer.
For novice onlookers, it might not only be what was under the hood that drew attention as many of the vehicles were in pristine condition reminding those that were taking in the outward bodies what the days gone by had to offer the automobile consumer.
And while many of the owners sit back and watched as the hundreds of people present stood in awe of their vehicles, another thing that was very evident was the smiles and the exchange of information about the horsepower and other questions involving their vehicles.
It was also amazing to see the number of women that were walking around taking in the sites as well as their male counterparts as cars are no longer a pass time of males only but many women enjoy getting their hands dirty under the hood too.
But the downtown Saturday nights are not just about what is under the hood – it’s about taking advantage of the stores and the many opportunities to purchase from vendors who set up along the sidewalks.
It also would be a crime to forget about the Italian Ice, shaved ice, frozen yogurt, pizza, barbecue, and many other snack opportunities that present themselves to those who are visiting.
Speaking of visitors, cars were spotted with tags from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida while the car show even received a shout-out during the NASCAR race being run at Bristol on Sunday.
There is something for everyone on Saturday nights downtown.
Take time to stop by and check out what’s under the hood – you might find something you like.
All photos are by Ivan Sanders.

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