Justice comes from spreading the gospel

Published 2:56 pm Friday, June 12, 2020

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To the Editor:
There is confusion about what social justice is. In our liberal (left) media-dominated times, the liberal media control what words are used and are the microphone-owners and decide who plays the heroes and who plays the villains. The media is now calling Black Lives Matters protesters as heroes and police as villains.
Michael Knowles said, “The left (liberals) have a special gift for euphemisms — soft words selected to sugercoat harsh realities so as to make those harsh realities easier for us to swallow. But these soft words are insidious. Their sole purpose is to deceive.” Liberals call those who break the law to enter the country an “undocumented immigrant” when “illegal alien” is the correct term to use. Liberals call “pro-life” people “anti-choice” people to make them sound worse. Knowles said, “Sometimes it’s just an adjective that can change or even negate the entire meaning of the word it describes. Take ‘social justice.’ Justice means getting what you deserve without favor. ‘Social justice’ means getting what you don’t deserve because you are favored. All this manipulation of language has paid off for the left (liberals) because whoever controls the words controls the culture.”
The liberal media isn’t interested in real justice if it doesn’t advance their agenda. One leader of CNN said, “the news is what we say it is.” The media doesn’t tell the public that police are 18 times more likely to be killed by a black than a black is killed by police. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti (www.discover.org) spoke out against injustice and violence committed against South African white farmers by blacks and supported by the black government. In the first two months of 2018 there were 102 farms attacked. White farmers were murdered in their homes in South Africa. Pastor Cioccolanti also reported that 1000 kids were drugged, raped and abused by Muslim immigrants in Telford, U.K. (England). Planned Parenthood sold baby parts and killed millions of babies with the highest percentage black babies. These injustices received no media coverage, no global outcry, no hashtags and no marches.
Social justice is a vague term that liberals use to justify whatever they are doing. Some liberals say social justice is working for equal access to education, universal healthcare, gay rights, income equality, women’s rights, racial equality, or saving the environment. Liberals agree it’s working for more government to do “good things” like socialism. People in socialist countries are hungry and trying to come to America. Socialism goes against the Bible. Most of violent protesters who want to defund police and let everyone out of prison are communists who support socialism. The Bible says it is wrong to steal. It’s wrong to steal from the poor or the rich. The 10th commandment says not to covet. It’s evil for the rich to be selfish and greedy but it’s just as evil for the poor to covet. Both the rich and poor and all races and people need Jesus to change them.
In the Bible Daniel 2 says three Godly Hebrew Bible believers were tossed into a fiery furnace because they would only kneel to honor God. Now many ignorant people are kneeling to apologize for being white or for being a policeman. This is evil and pathetic to bow down before any human. Tucker at Fox said, “kneeling will never be enough for the mob.” Has Planned Parenthood kneeled and issued an apology for murdering millions of black babies? Have the media and black leaders kneeled and apologized for being the biggest supporter of Planned Parenthood and getting them millions in taxpayer dollars to kill millions of babies? A black Georgia State Trooper is right to tell protesters he won’t take a knee because, “I only kneel for one person, God!” We kneel and repent of our sin and seek forgiveness only before Jesus, not another sinful human being. No matter how people see things from their own limited perspective or the media choose to spin things, evil is present and active in every race while thankfully at the same time, Jesus is active in every race, nation, tribe and tongue to bring reconciliation between sinful people and Himself. Psalms 95:6 “O come let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord God our maker!”
Justice is of the highest importance to God. Psalm 89:14 “righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne.” Dealing with injustice is one of the hardest things for people to go through. God sees everything. (Psalm 139) God will punish all evil.(Proverbs 11 and Isaiah 13:) God uses injustice to sanctify the believer. (James 1) Romans 8 suggests that God works all things (including injustice) for good to those who love Him. This is seen in the case of Joseph who was sold into slavery but God worked it for good. The greatest injustice the world has ever seen was the death of Jesus on the cross.
Christians know the gospel (good news) is Jesus died for sin, was buried and rose again and is the only one that can forgive sin and make us just. Many Christians wrongly believe we must choose between fighting for social justice, fighting injustice and spreading the good news of Jesus. However, clearly failing to speak the truth of the gospel is ultimately the greatest injustice of all. The human heart is the source of injustice so the gospel is the only real solution. Make sharing the gospels transforming truth and power the highest priority. The human right to know Jesus and make Him known is the greatest human right. Knowing the gospel is in fact every human’s greatest need and right and therefore the greatest justice issue of our time. Our highest calling is to spread the gospel — the only truth that has the proven power to positively change our world, by changing us from the inside out!

D.D. Nave

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