Picking your brain… Elizabethton City Schools send surveys to gauge parents thoughts in reopening

Published 3:23 pm Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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As the 2020-2021 school year creeps closer and closer, the Elizabethton City Schools are still in the planning process on how and what schools will look like when the time comes to kick off the new school year.
The school system has sent out a survey to parents in a way to gauge how parents are feeling about the reopening in regards to their student and it is important that each family take the time to fill out the survey.
Families need to check their personal emails to make sure that they haven’t missed out on the opportunity to participate.
The email reads as follows and has a link at the bottom where the survey can be completed:

Dear Cyclone Family,

Over the past several months, school systems from across the nation, have been scrambling to determine the best options for providing instruction and content to our students during a global pandemic.

While we hope to get back to a traditional model, technology-based delivery models continue to be explored and discussed as alternatives should the virus make a resurgence in our area.

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We have a task force of teachers and administrators that are researching and reviewing guidance each day. We are constantly looking at the number of cases, new outbreaks and community spread.

We have daily and weekly calls and video conferences with area health department administrators, state education officials, other school systems superintendents, and supervisors in an effort to share information and make the best decisions for our region.

We do this because the safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance as we move closer to the start of a new year.

Make no mistake about it, student and staff safety must be at the center of every decision as we move forward.

That being said, there are going to be health risks. There are no guarantees that if we open as we have for years, that there could be a change overnight.

Everyone must understand that even the best plans or safest preventative measures will only be effective if everyone follows the guidelines on social distancing and preventative measures.

Our efforts must be steadfast and consistent. While this virus doesn’t necessarily focus on children, they are not excluded from the possibility of becoming infected or carrying the virus to teachers, parents, and other family members.

Our community must move forward for the sake of our economy and our families that are unable to work.

Having said that, we still have to find the safest way to provide quality instruction regardless of the delivery method. We know there are no easy answers and situations change daily… even hourly.

As we begin to narrow the focus, we are asking for your input to help guide our direction. While our hope is to open the doors to everyone, we will have other delivery options that allow us to make changes quickly.

Further guidance will be shared as information is updated. Please click on the survey link below and take a few moments to provide us with your feedback:

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4uq- n0KpB8F21p_4RchpiyEilwFkdeOk_5g6xxHohzGUYdg/viewform?usp=sf_link

The questions are simple and will not take very long to fill out and are as follows:

How many students will you have attending Elizabethton City Schools in 2020-21?
What school(s) do your children attend? Check all that apply. *
Wandell Early Learning Center (WELC)
East Side Elementary
Elizabethton High School
Harold McCormick Elementary
TA Dugger Junior High
West Side Elementary
Which statement best reflects your preference for content delivery in 2020-2021? *
Regular school attendance
Remote Learning (Google Classroom in the home)
Virtual Online Academy (Elizabethton will offer a Home School choice)
Undecided at this time
What type(s) of device does your child have access to at home in order to complete their school work?
Desktop/Laptop Computer, Chromebook, and/or Laptop
If you are in need of a device for your child(ren) to complete their schoolwork at home how many devices would you need?
Which statement best reflects your internet access at home? *
We have reliable internet service at my home.
We have access to reliable internet service at my home but cannot afford it.
We do not have access to reliable internet service at my home.
Which statement best reflects how your children will be transported to/from school next year? *
We have transportation for our child(ren).
My child, or children, will walk
My child will drive
My child will utilize school bus transportation.