Reader says social justice is an illusion

Published 4:10 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2020

To the Editor:
What do the liberals, progressives and demonstrators/rioters mean when they say they want SOCIAL JUSTICE? What does it mean to you? Diligently think about it. Ask several different people what it means to them. The phase almost sounds angelic, even rather Christian. Everyone that reads this has felt they have been treated unjust at some time. There may even be some groups who feel they have had a raw deal. It could be an individual did not get the expected pay raise or promotion. Or a decision made by officials may seem to favor one person or group of persons over another. When you look at the fallen state of man you realize you can’t satisfy everyone. What alienates one person my satisfy another.
If everyone gets the same material things and/or the same treatment does that mean they all are justly treated? Will everyone be satisfied? By all means NO! We all are different and thus have different needs and wants. What is one man’s treasure means little or nothing to another. If everybody got the same amount of money, the same house, the same car, the same bed, etc., would you call that social justice? In whose eyes would this be social justice? The only way this would work is if you have nothing but cloned robots that all have the same needs, wants and aspirations.
When any person claims they want social justice you must ask relative to what? What are you going to compare your just treatment to? What is absolute true social justice? What is your standard? It is relative to a person’s experiences, his aspirations, his existing situation and the environment in which he finds himself. If it is relative then it will be changing with time. If it is a man made standard then it is not absolute. It will change based on the whims of man. Only God has an absolute standard of justice that does not change with time. Thus social justice is not realistic for a world of fallen people. All man can do is ask to be treated justly before His law. But thanks be to God that he also has mercy or none of us would survive His holy judgment.
By now it should be obvious that the term social justice is a man generated concept that is not realistic and can never be achieved by man’s endeavors. It is simply a phrase that is used to create unrest and dissension by those who promote communism. It manifests its tentacles in greed which is perhaps man’s biggest problem. Without greed man would not seek after such a concept. Social Justice were the by words used by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin to force communism on the people of Russia. They used it as a means of psychological deception; i.e., brainwashing. As people of the United States we are now suffering from the same indoctrination and the associated unrest and unrealistic demands. It is the reasoning of a mad man to support something or a philosophy that cannot be adequately defined. To support and/or riot over something you cannot truly define is the folly of a fool.
It should be noted that the developers of the philosophy of communism, Marx and Engels, stated there is no God. What that infers is that they refuse to accept accountability for their actions. The Bible clearly states that only a fool says there is no God. Thus the philosophy of communism (ideology) is the human rationalization of two fools. Today the progressives and certain other liberal persons or groups try to embellish this foolish ideology to make it more appealing especially to the young.
Thus they expand the process of foolish rationalization.
A book written in 1958 by W. Cleon Skousen entitled THE NAKED COMMUNIST will expand your understanding of the ideology of communism and its detriment to society.
J. Ronald Winter

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