Pastor’s final meeting with pastor takes the cake

Published 3:22 pm Friday, July 24, 2020

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Pastor Roger had faithfully served as the minister of a small congregation for 40 years and was preparing to retire as the church’s senior minister.
The congregation held a special get-together to honor Pastor Roger. At the final deacons’ meeting prior to the retirement Deacon Reece observed, “He’s preached the Word of God to us for four decades.”
“You’re right, Brother Reece,” stated Deacon Roscoe. “Even when he knew God’s Word would cut us where we needed to be cut. He stepped on my toes more than once. And they needed to be stepped on.”
Deacon Robert noted that the preaching of God’s Word wasn’t the only way the pastor served in ministry. “He’s been involved in the community in so many ways,” said Deacon Robert. “Law enforcement chaplain, hospital chaplain, FBI chaplain, too.”
Deacon Reece recalled the pastor had taken missions trips to several countries, including Australia, Kenya, Great Britain, Mexico, Spain, and France. “And God blessed me to go with him on the trip to Kenya,” the deacon smiled.
The deacons’ wives planned a special cake for the deacons and the pastor to share during their final meeting together. “This certainly is a delicious strawberry jam cake,” observed Pastor Roger.
“Amen, Brother,” said Deacon Roscoe. “And the blackberry/cream cheese icing isn’t too shabby, either.”
“The best part about it is the fresh blackberries and strawberries on top of the cake,” said Deacon Reece. “They just melt in your mouth.”
“I just love homemade cake,” smiled Pastor Roger.
“I’m glad you could tell it’s homemade,” said Deacon Robert. “My wife, Renee, made the cake. Deacon Reece’s wife, Ramona, made the icing. And the men grew the berries on the church’s berry farm.”
“I want to thank you guys for honoring me like this,” said Pastor Roger. I thank God for giving such wonderful deacons to serve here with me.”
“Aw, it was nothing!,” insisted Deacon Reece. “After all the decades of service you have rendered to the Lord, the church and the community, it was the least we could do.”
“You guys outdid yourselves with this project,” bragged the pastor. “All I can say you take the cake.”
“No, I’m putting my foot down,” said Deacon Reece. “You and your family have done nothing but give to the church and the community ever since you’ve been here. So I, along with the rest of the deacon board, must insist that you take the cake home to share with your wife.”
Gulping down the last gigantic bite of his piece of cake, Deacon Reece concluded, “At least the little bit of it that is left!”
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