Carter County Schools release ‘Week One’ reopening plans

Published 4:59 pm Monday, July 27, 2020

Carter County Schools have released a “Week One” plan in regards to reopening.
It was previously announced that the school system would be opening on Aug. 10, both online and in-person to students. While this remains true, it will now be with a staggered schedule.
During the week of Aug. 10-14, 25 percent of students in each building will attend each day. Details surrounding how this will be decided and what days students will go will be up to principals who will notify parents.
On these set days, students in attendance will be trained in how to navigate virtual learning and access materials and resources they will need. On Friday, deep cleaning of the schools will be conducted.
Tracy McAbee, director of schools, explained that the school system has purchased Canvas K-12, a digital learning platform, for use, however, the concern is how families can use this.
These designated days are set to help aid in this issue.
“To say we are going to go virtual day one with a huge percentage of our population not knowing how to use Canvas, I don’t know how beneficial that would be,” he said.
On the days 25 percent of students attend, it is the hope that parents in the lower grades can also attend so that they too can learn the programming for digital learning.
In the “Week One” statement released by the school system, the difference between this and the Online Academy is explained.
The decision on schools turning completely to virtual is still up in the air for the time being. McAbee said that for now they are under guidance from the Health Department and are following CDC guidelines. Schools will continue to consult with the Health Department for plans on reopening.
McAbee warned that plans are ever changing and the recommendations do vary.
“I hope parents understand that parents are getting different types of messages that we are trying to piece together like a puzzle,” he said. “So, we’re working to get these plans made, but the goal post is changed almost daily on what we are going to do with our children.”
With ever-changing plans, McAbee urges parents and guardians to be patient as schools venture through these uncertain times.
For more information on the “Week One” plan, you can check out the Carter County Schools’ Facebook page or go to
“We have to be reasonable in our thinking. You know I want the best, but we all have to do that old saying, ‘we’re hoping for the best but planning for the worst,’” he said. “So if virtual is the worst case so to speak, because we want our kids with us, then we will bring them in 25 percent at a time, show them how to get online, and if we have to go virtual we will be better prepared for it.”

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