A response of Nave and Winter letters

Published 3:56 pm Friday, July 31, 2020

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To the Editor:
Mr. Winter, everywhere, over the countries of the world, when masks were worn, of any kind, the spread of COVID-19, has been controlled more successfully than here where masks were put down by our failed leadership and not supported until pressure by health authorities and people changed it. Here, where masks were not mandated, the COVID-19 spread ballooned and countries all around the world barred entry from our country. Proverbs 23:9.
D.D. Nave, I correct you. I don’t know what government you are speaking about, but the United States of America was not created to promote Christianity, but to assemble a group of people, living in peace, under a well thought out Constitution, and open to all peoples around the world that would come, assemble and work together to self-govern their country.
If you are saying a Christian should lead our country, then where is he? It is definitely not the person we have now, who has broken all the Ten Commandments. So, if you voted for him, you definitely aren’t agreeing with what you, yourself said. To keep our country, we need a new leader, and since the country does better under democratic leadership, I would suggest you vote blue.
Janet Hyder, President
Carter County Democratic Women

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