Dr. George Flinn aims to bring solutions in the senate

Published 4:08 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Dr. George Flinn aims to solve problems.
Flinn is a physician, businessman and former electrical engineer. He described combining his problem solving skills with a desire to help people.
He attributes this ability to see problems and offer solutions with his decision to run for Senate.
“I see problems in the United States and I’ve got some solutions,” he said. “Rather than coming up with sound bites and slick slogans, I’ve come up with some real solutions. It’s a step by step process.”
These solutions are laid out in a book by Flinn titled, “Real Solutions Not Soundbites: A 2020 Plan To Make America Independent Again.” This can be found for free download on his website.
Various topics are covered in Flinn’s book ranging from debt to coronavirus.
In addition to his knack for solving problems, Flinn pointed out that unlike some of the other candidates running, while he is a supporter of President Trump, he is not afraid to call him out on issues and supports conversative values.
“He is not always right, and when he’s not right, I want to be the one out there to say, ‘President Trump, we’re not acting on conservative principles right now. Let’s get back on to the agenda that you’ve set out for yourself. You’re being taken off track, taken off course by the liberals and being diverted from taking care of our financial situation, coronavirus and making sure people feel safe,’” he said.
Flinn said he thinks the conservative voice needs to be out there. He also wants to be that voice encouraging President Trump to get back on track.
Flinn described himself as a “Reagan conservative,” who believes in family, faith, freedom and the right to life. He elaborated on being pro-life with seeing ultrasounds in the early stages of pregnancy, noting everyone has the right to life.
In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Flinn is pro-mask and says that wearing one does work. It is his hope and belief that a vaccine will be found and things will eventually resume normalcy. This normalcy links in to the economy reopening and getting stronger. He attributes the virus to being brought on by China and believes the Chinese nation is an enemy that should be sued for damages.
For why voters should give Flinn their vote, he noted it is their choice, and hopes to get their voices heard. Flinn also wants to protect the system set in place by the government that he says has worked for previous generations that worked hard to have it built. He aims to not let down the previous generations.
For more information on Flinn, you can go to www.realsolutionsfortn.com.

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