Mitchell provides words of wisdom to her students

Published 3:21 pm Thursday, August 6, 2020

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Brittany Mitchell has been a holder of many titles and roles over the years.
Mitchell, who has taught math at Happy Valley High School for eight years, broke down her various roles.
“My career as a teacher, mentor, caregiver, role model, cheerleader, coach, advocate and all-around worker bee has spanned between three local high schools and the Upward Bound Program at ETSU each summer,” she said.
Despite struggling with math early on, Mitchell explained that a special teacher turned it all around when she was in the eighth grade.
Mitchell then pursued the subject as she furthered her education. She received an M.Ed. in Math Education and attended Radford University in Virginia.
Mitchell now covers a range of mathematical material.
“Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, SAILS Math, ACT Prep, RTI, and Interior Design are all under my belt, but I am teaching ninth-grade Algebra I this year,” she said.
Besides her passion for mathematics, Mitchell dedicates her time to the HVHS Volleyball Team and the school website, as well as working with the Keep Carter County Beautiful program to bring a plastic and aluminum recycling program into the school.
She is also a wife to her husband, Jon, and mother to her three-year-old son, Atley.
Mitchell said in her role as a teacher, inspiration is one of the best parts.
“I enjoy seeing the lightbulb go off for students, but the best part is having limitless opportunities to inspire and encourage greatness in others,” she said.
”I obviously view math as an important matter for students to understand and employ long term. I just wish there were less obscure and unrelative standards to pack in.”
According to Mitchell, this would allow more time to dive further into truly vital matters including real-life preparation, the exploration of career pathways and global opportunities, gaining workplace success skills, and learning to navigate interpersonal relationships.
Mitchell continued by saying that despite the obviously difficult circumstance COVID-19 has brought into teaching, she will do the best can.
“It is my goal to help each student realize how valuable our time is, how far they have come already, and how far they can go beyond high school, this year, this semester, this situation, today,” she said.
“The best thing we can do as teachers, parents, community leaders, and invested parts if each child’s village is to just roll with it as gracefully as possible.”
She elaborated that this ability to be exemplary is done by being flexible, accepting of circumstances, showing positivity, overall selflessness, and valuing time.
To her students, she urged patience.
“Try to do your best to be patient with the coming changes, your parents, your teachers, yourselves,” she urges. “We are all beginners with this and are all experiencing the frustration of not being able to go back to the way we all miss.
“Do yourselves and your teachers some favors and get your schoolwork finished sooner rather than later, put in the effort to get it done correctly the first time, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”
Mitchell hopes for everyone to find the positives in things during this time, through new hobbies or skills, learning, enjoying the weather, and taking on tasks at hand.
“I wish each teacher, parent, and especially each student peace and countless small victories this school year,” she said.

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