August Primary completed… Hagerty, Harshbarger come out in front in Senate and Congressional races

Published 2:56 pm Friday, August 7, 2020

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The results are in for the August Primary!

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Bill Hagerty won the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate. Hagerty is a businessman and President Trump’s former ambassador to Japan. He was also endorsed by Trump.

Hagerty won with a total of 330,893 votes, garnering 4,327 total in Carter County. His biggest contender and rival in the race was Manny Sethi, who came in close with 256,732 total votes, 3,265 in Carter County.

Hagerty will face-off with Marquita Bradshaw, who won the Democratic Primary, in the general election. Bradshaw won with 117,345 total votes; she had 256 in Carter County.

Bradshaw is the first black female Senate nominee in state history.

Diana Harshbarger won the candidate-heavy Republican Primary for the U.S. House in District One to replace Phil Roe who decided not to seek re-election.

Harshbarger, from Kingsport, garnered a total of 18,069 votes total, with 1,278 in Carter County.

Following closely behind her were Timothy Hill and Rusty Crowe. Hill garnered 15,724 votes in total, with 2002 coming in Carter County. Crowe garnered 15,170 total votes total, and 2191 votes in Carter County.

There were 16 candidates in total running.

When local pharmacist, Harshbarger, spoke on her candidacy with the Elizabethton Star last month, she spoke out against socialism, stating this is the only country where a girl from rural Tennessee could go to college and successfully become a business owner.

She wanted this same opportunity for future generations. She also noted her compassion and problem-solving skills.

Blair Walsingham won the Democratic Primary for U.S. House District One. She won with a total of 6,059 votes in total, 373 votes coming in Carter County.

This sets up a November election where two women will be running head-to-head for the First District Congressional seat with the winner of the race between Harshbarger and Walsingham becoming the first woman to represent District One in Congress.

When Walsingham spoke with the paper recently, the veteran spoke on her desire to serve her country and endorsed the Freedom Dividend.

Jon C. Lundberg ran unopposed in the Republican Primary for Tennessee Senate District Four. Lundberg earned 1,069 votes. Amber Riddle won the Democratic Primary, also unopposed with 119 votes.

Scotty Campbell won the Republican Primary for the TN House District Three with 6,375 votes. No candidate qualified for the Democratic Primary, though there were 8 votes total for a write-in.

Incumbent John B. Holsclaw Jr. won the Republican Primary for TN House District Four with 5,682 votes total, 4,516 in Carter County. He was followed by Robert Acuff, who garnered 1865 votes total – 1,451 in Carter County.

Dustin Baker won Constable for District Seven with 886 votes. James T. Bowers earned 303 votes.

No candidate qualified for Constable in Distritc Eight, however one write-in received 67 votes, and another earned 12.

Teresa Murray Smith earned the seat of City Judge for Elizabethton with 1,459 votes. 

Bobby Patrick Harrell will be facing off with Holsclaw as he will tool the Democratic Primary for TN House District Four, running unopposed with 566 votes.

Mike K. Hampton won the Democratic Primary for the State Executive Committee with 280 votes. He was followed closely by Jeff Clark with 270 votes.

Mark L. Tester earned 941 votes running unopposed for County Commissioner in District Three. Thomas Proffitt earned 698 votes running unpoosed for County Commissioner in District Eight. Ronnie B. Taylor garnered 7,808 votes, running unopposed, for Assessor of Property.

The following school board members ran unopposed: Keith Bowers Sr. received 1,154 votes for District One; Danny Ray Ward received 890 votes for District Four; Kelly Crain received 787 votes for District Six; and Dylan Hill received 635 votes for District Eight.