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Demo leader responds to Nave letter

To the Editor:
If the Star is brave enough to print the truth, then, like I wrote before, the Republicans are responsible for the decision giving women privacy in the abortion issue, meaning it is their choice, with the majority of the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) rendering this verdict.  The majority of the court at that time (and still is) appointed by Republicans.  It was the right decision.
As to his praise of the electoral college, of course he supports it.  His candidate for president can steal the election, and many people lose their votes. How? The electoral college has been corrupted badly. Neither GW Bush nor the current occupant of the White House won the election. In his information he preaches out to Republican followers, but he does not look for the truth. It begins with something called gerrymandering, and state laws of how the electoral votes are pledged, which works very well to take away many of the citizens’ votes.  It needs to go, and the people’s choice needs to be recognized.
Janet Hyder