Making the World Bright: Giving back during COVID-19

Published 4:11 pm Monday, August 17, 2020

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Spreading a little light can do wonders with the current state of the world right now. 
COVID-19 has impacted everyone in one way or another, some have lost their jobs, others are ill, just to name a few. It is during these trying times when giving back is most important.
One way to give back is by helping people you know. 
Contacting people you know, whether it be relatives, friends or neighbors, to see if they are in need of necessities is one way of giving back. This is especially beneficial in the instance that these individuals may be ill or unable to go out and get what they need. Simply leaving items like food, toiletries or other items that may bring joy can go a long way in helping. 
Another way to give back is through donations. 
Along with COVID-19 came the loss of many jobs or impacted income. As a result, there is a greater need for support. Contacting local organizations to see what can be accepted (some are monetary) can help. For places that accept food and clothing donations, nonperishables (like canned food) and new or gently used clothing items are the best choices. 
Local charities include contact information and office hours. By calling during hours of operation, inquiries into what is accepted during this time can help determine the best route of donation. Likewise, addresses are also typically listed for charities (or can be asked for via phone call) to send monetary donations. 
A google search of local charities brings up a list of those to inquire about, ranging from shelters to food banks. 
Along with local organizations to aid, organizations like Feeding America are accepting donations. Their website details the growing need of people across the country and provides easy access to help or even receive it. 
“Children, families, and seniors need our help during the pandemic and our network isn’t stopping anytime soon,” the website states. “The majority of network food banks report seeing a record increase in the number of people needing help, with an average increase of 50% across the country. Between March and June, roughly 4 in 10 people visiting food banks had not received food assistance before the pandemic.”
Information for Feeding America can be found at
If donating to charities directly is not an interest, simply paying for another individual’s order in a drive thru line or leaving a nice tip for the waiter or waitress is another avenue to making someone’s day a little brighter. 
In addition to monetary and physical donations of items, giving yourself back to the world, through activities like donating blood and helping clean up litter, are also ways to help make things better. 

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