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Tennessee recruiting more poll workers for November election

NASHVILLE (AP) — Tennessee is back on the lookout for poll workers, this time for the Nov. 3 election that requires a crew of about 17,000. 
Secretary of State Tre Hargett’s office says thousands served as poll workers in the Aug. 6 primary, including many young people. His office is working with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to acknowledge Sept. 1 as National Poll Worker Recruitment Day.
Those interested in the paid job can apply at GoVoteTN.com. Early voting begins Oct. 14.
Poll workers must be 16 or older or a registered voter if 18 or older, cannot be a candidate or one’s close relative and must be able to read and write English. They must wear face coverings and receive COVID-19 precaution training. 
Local government employees qualify, unless they work directly under a candidate. State employees are eligible. Federal workers should consult human resources.
Additionally, they help count absentee ballots, which certain voters can already request.