KCCB Chairman complains about disgusting litter situation

Published 4:36 pm Friday, August 28, 2020

To the Editor:
I’m writing this letter in disgust with the lack of leadership and enforcement of Carter County’s anti-dumping laws which is allowing tenants and or landlords to discard furniture, mattresses and trash on our roadsides! This is illegal dumping and is disgusting!
One of many such horrible areas is at the intersection of Toll Branch Road and Blowers Blvd. This dumpsite is near the rear entry of Milligan University, a school attended by many students from all over our nation. Is this the way we want to present what our community represents? I would say not! This particular area has been cleaned several times by our sheriff’s litter patrol law enforcement folks and yet as of August 23, there’s yet another pile of mattresses and furniture, an illegal dumpsite in front of the same apartment complex! When will the leadership of our community/county hold landlords accountable for such illegal actions? 
I must say that we all tout that we live in such a beautiful area and I can’t agree more, but with so much littering and illegal dumping such as the one mentioned above, do we really live in such a beautiful area? Can we afford to let this type of action continue to happen over and over with nothing being done nor anyone being held accountable? I beg to differ! Who would want to come and live in our area when it appears that no one gives a damn!  
Well, I could go on and on about the horrible appearance such actions are creating! I can’t even imagine the amount of tax revenue that we are losing. Tourists have stated to me that they will not come back to this area because of all the litter and roadside dumpsites! But you know what, the most important part is the destruction of our environment and wildlife. It is high time that we as citizens of this community not tolerate this deplorable action anymore! I call upon each and every citizen in this community, that really loves and cares about their community and environment, to contact the leadership of this community and county and demand that landlords be held accountable for illegal dumping, along with the folks that continuously trash our highways and waterways! It’s time to hold our leadership accountable! Please Join me in this effort!
Yes, indeed this area is beautiful, and we need to keep it that way while protecting our wildlife and our one and only environment!
Edward “Ed” Jordan
KCCB Chairman

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