The Lord knows our needs and we must put our needs before Him

Published 9:28 am Friday, August 28, 2020

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From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham
Dear Rev. Graham: I am working in a church right now but have been offered a job that pays much more than I make, and quite honestly I need a larger salary to make ends meet with my growing family. I have been offered a job as an accountant for a night club. My church tells me I should lead a separated life and should not associate with such a business. Should I decline based on this? — C.W.
Dear C.W.: Many people struggle with decisions about working for businesses that promote alcohol, gambling, promiscuity, and entertainment that leads to temptation. The “struggle” alone should help answer the question.
Can Christ be lifted up and glorified in such environments where men and women are consuming alcoholic beverages, gambling away their money, and engaging in conversation that is often filled with the baser things of life?
The Bible tells us to “come out from among them and be separate” (2 Corinthians 6:17). While separation does not mean disengagement from the world, there are certain activities and places that God clearly wants us to avoid not only to protect ourselves from spiritual harm, but so that the witness we have will not be tarnished.
Scripture also says: “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes” (Psalm 101:3). While a person works at such at establishment, but may not have to engage in its entertainments, a person still must ask themselves if they can have a clear conscience knowing that such a place glorifies evil rather than God.
The Lord knows our needs and we must put our needs before Him and ask that He guide and direct us to livelihoods that will not compromise our belief and our witness in His name.
(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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